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Eminis Beat StocksI know those are very bold statements, but I can back them up with very convincing facts. If an ordinary guy like myself can learn to do what I’ll show you –making the kind of money that’s possible, then just about anyone can. I was like some 80-million other Americans, investing a little here ‘n there in the stock market… as I could, with a dream of it someday becoming my retirement. I started doing it right out of high school. (Investing in stocks…until I learned about stock options 30 years later!) You don’t really learn much about the stock market in school…or, even in college. The only thing you ever hear advertised is “…Invest your money in stocks and mutual funds… with ‘diversity’…(then, be prepared for the long wait).

But Traders? Well, let’s start with the most basic fact of all —Investors can only make money IF the stock market goes UP …and stays UP. But, there has never been a ‘market’ that stays UP! All markets go both directions…several times everyday! And then there are days when it CRASHES! …sending Investors into panic! But…Traders can make money in either direction! It’s even easier when the market is falling, especially when falling like a rock! During the last four months of 2008, and again in 2011, stocks and mutual funds lost 30 to 40% of their value…in days! Many investors have little hope that they’ll recover their loss.

Yet, during dramatic DOWN months like that, we E-mini Traders had the best trading days we’ve ever seen since the ‘e-mini’ was first introduced in the market in 1997. We E-mini traders look at the stock market a little differently than most traders do. We use a strategy of treating it like a simple little home business that we can do on our laptops with a high-speed Internet connection. Thanks to the Internet and the PC, the playing field has been leveled, and we have the same identical advantage now that the Insiders…stock brokers and mutual fund guys do (Yes, they are traders!)…we can see everything that is happening in the stock market at the same time they do, …as it happens. A click of the mouse is how we make money.

I know! I could hardly believe it myself. While the country was in a panic over the real estate and stock market, we traders had several days when we made our monthly profit goal (and even more) in single days! Mutual fund and stock investors, meanwhile, were….. well, my heart goes out to them. Perhaps they’ll see e-mini’s as a way to recover.

I discovered e-mini trading in early 2002 by accident. Seems the only way anyone discovers it is if introduced to e-mini’s by someone who is already an e-mini trader. Such was my case, and when I saw what she was making (a lady e-mini trader that I met by accident) I knew immediately that I had found what I want to do for a living for the rest of my life! I closed my film production company two weeks later and invited my employees to follow me. I’ve never looked back! It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I soon had friends asking me to teach them how to trade e-mini’s. So, I started… Read more…

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