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Ebooks - The Bodywork MentorPlease check out the selection below for Epublications that will assist you in starting a new Mobile Massage and/or Bodywork business; or, that will help you improve your existing business.

Are you frustrated as a bodywork or massage therapist because you’re not making the kind of money you thought you would ~ or should?

Would you like to be more organized in your mobile business but don’t know how to go about it?

Go Mobile ~ Your Road to Freedom for Massage & Bodywork Therapists will get you on the right road to help you drive your business venture to a booming success.

What if you could turn a fifty or sixty minute, $50 massage or bodywork session into a $100 or more session with minimal extra effort and supplies on your part?

And, what if you could turn several or more of your regular weekly sessions into body treatments, or combined massage/bodywork body treatment sessions, effectively increasing your monthly income by hundreds of dollars while leaving your clients dreaming about their next session?

In my upcoming Ebook Mobile Body Treatments I share my very own body treatment secrets that not only made thousands of additional dollars for me, but greatly enhanced my clients’ bodywork experience.

Shoestring Marketing for the Massage or Bodywork Therapist, is a must have for any business looking to succeed in today’s difficult economic environment.

I’ve used, or known of people who have used, every single method I describe in this Ebook and I can tell you, they really work.

Starting, maintaining or growing a business on a shoestring means that you do it with little or no capital; in other words, with little or no money of your own.

Operating on a shoestring doesn’t mean borrowing money from a bank, a credit card or another person per se; but it’s using creative methods that will allow you to start, maintain or grow a business while staying out of debt.

In today’s economic environment, knowing how to start or run a business on a shoestring is invaluable information.

Has anyone ever asked you what you do for a living? Was your answer, “massage,” or “bodywork?”

Do you work in community with many massage or bodywork therapists and think you can’t compete in such a congested market?

Are you frustrated because you can’t figure out how to grow your business during this difficult economic and competitive environment?”

In What Business Are You? Niche Marketing for Massage & Bodywork Therapists I share vital secrets of niche marketing that are specific to the massage and bodywork industry.

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