Do It Yourself – Credit Repair

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Do It Yourself - Credit RepairWhen it comes to credit repair and hiring an attorney there are a few facts that you should know before making your decision. A typical law firm will charge you $100 Up front and $50 to $90 a month thereafter. You may think that you will be saving time but in fact hiring an attorney will take twice as long to “repair your credit”. This is because you have to first obtain a copy of your credit report and send it to them. Then they will make you sign a power of attorney which will delay the credit repair process even longer. In addition any correspondence that you get back from the credit bureaus you will have to forward to them as well. Bottom line you’re essentially doing all the work yourself and delaying the process at which time the law firm is gladly billing you every month. Before you can even remove a couple of items from your credit report you have already spent anywhere from $300 to $600 not to mention that you did majority of the work yourself. Why put yourself through this when you can save time and money by simply using our proven letters to file your disputes against the creditors, collection companies, and credit bureaus. For only $59 (A Fraction of the upfront fee that attorneys charge) you get all the tools necessary to save money and time and repair your credit yourself.

As stated before: The ONLY way to remove negative items from your credit report legally and effectively is by WRITING LETTERS. That’s It!!

There are many expensive ($97-$499) software programs that guarantee to clean up your credit but FAIL to explain what the software actually does? I’ll save you the trouble, time, money and tell you what these programs actually really do!! Which is……? You guess it!! Generate letters.

Why go through the trouble of downloading an overpriced and complicated software program to generate less effective versions of the same letters that I’m giving you in this ebook for a fraction of the cost.

There is NO magic automated way to interface with the collection agencies, credit bureaus, or handle disputes.

There are NO secret ways to get these agencies to circumvent the procedures they have in place to handle the thousands of requests and disputes they receive daily.

Your ONLY effective method of attack is to be properly prepared with the understanding, methods and material YOU need to DO IT YOURSELF and to DO IT RIGHT !

There are many more players involved in the credit business other than just the credit bureaus, including the original creditors, collection companies, and more.

Yes, writing letters is the only true way to clean up credit BUT you have to know WHICH letters to send and WHO to send them to

Do It Yourself Credit Repair will explain the PURPOSE of each letter in simple English, tell you WHO to send them to, WHEN to send them and in what SEQUENCE.

Try it risk free today! Download my Do It Yourself Credit Repair EBook and take a full 60 days to read and practice the techniques. If it’s not everything I said and more I will refund 100% of your money!! No questions asked!! What do you have to lose? Click on the Add to Cart button below and DOWNLOAD the… Read more…

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