Daycare Start Up Kit

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Daycare Start Up KitOur Expert Editors have put together this exciting comprehensive package that provides you with with the knowledge and the tools to start, operate and profit from your own day care. This award winning instructional set is the essential guide tool box for any person wishing to start their own day care facility

Created by successful day care operators and edited by industry experts, the How to Start and Operate a Day Care kit™ manual guides you step by step through each essential stage of opening, operating and growing a successful daycare business. Only through this exclusive online offer, you’ll be able to draw on more than 100 combined years of industry experience covering every conceivable topic in the daycare field. You’ll receive expert advice on…

The Cost of Starting Your Daycare Writing Your Business Plan Naming Your Operation Legal Requirements Determining Your Home Requirements

Preparing Your Home for Your Business Dealing with Pets in Your Daycare / Home Business Safety Proofing Your Home Decorating Your Home Dedicated Space versus Shared Space. Yard and Play Space Development

Payment Processing Rates and Fees Pick Up / Drop Off Policies Allergy Policies Meal Planning Illness Vaccines Potty Training / Diapers Religious and cultural considerations Holidays and Vacations Planning

Dealing with Problem Children Educational Games / Instruction Daycare Curriculum Programs Discipline Rules / Policies Motor Skill Development Bullying Dealing with Biting and other Bad Habits

Attracting New Clients Marketing Methods and Tools Interviewing Clients Assessing Needs. Building Referral Business

The demand for quality daycares has never been greater as parents seek to find a warm, caring and trust-worthy facility to watch their children while they are at work or at play. Entrepreneurs all over the world have been capitalizing on this trend and in doing so, have been providing a solution to the problem. Day Cares have become one of the fastest growing segments of the home business economy, while quality commercial day care centers have seen equal record growth. Starting your own daycare is a rewarding experience – both personally and financially. It’s not uncommon for a successful home day care operation to make $50,000 dollars a year while commercial centers have grossed upwards of several hundred thousand dollars in bottom line return on investment.

Through this Exceptional Package, You’ll Have Hands on Instruction in Every Aspect of Owning and Operating Your Own Daycare…

We’ve taken great care to ensure that you will have the knowledge you need to start your own succesful daycare. Every step had been covered in detail as we explain how to plan your new day care business including what you will need, the costs involved and a step by step system to get your doors open to new clients.

Plan to succeed with the best selling Business Plan Workbook which will guide you through every step of creating a solid business plan for your new Daycare. Remember, failing to plan means planning to fail.

Expert advice on how to make the most out of your home business venture including tax advice, start up tips and much much more. A perfect companion to our best selling Day Care Start Up Manual.

Are you getting everything out of life you deserve ? Take a journey with authors Patty Baldwin and Teresa King as they explain how you can achieve maximum success in all areas of your life.

Being… Read more…

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