Club Promoter Profits – Become A Club Promoter

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Club Promoter Profits - Become A Club Promoter* EXACTLY how to plan out your first ever party promotion (I explain what you need to know before setting up any meetings with the club owner) …(See pg. 9)

* The coolest little promotion tool that makes promoting so EASY (Very few know about this little app)… (pg. 21)

* What to AVOID AT ALL COST when dealing with club owners (If you don’t it can cost you thousand’s of dollars)… (See pg 14)

The idea of promoting is easy. After all, a club promoters responsibility is to get people to the club.

Fill up the club – you get paid. No patrons – no pay. And you can get paid in several ways. Such as getting paid per person that comes through the doors or off a percentage of sales from the bar.

It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to be a genius with a marketing degree. Anyone off the street with the determination to succeed, can do this. You bring people in to the venue and you get paid. It’s that simple.

And forget about looks. You don’t have to be extremely gorgeous to be successful. Whether you are bald, fat, ugly, pretty, short, or tall – it makes no difference! Because the amount you make is based on how well you promote the venue.

Now here’s the fun part. Once you’ve done your “job” of bringing people to the venue. You can enjoy your night partying it up and hanging out with beautiful people.

This beats making money by working a boring 9-5 desk job. Can you imagine what it would be like to live a lifestyle that everyone dreams about?!

Well the easiest way to getting started is by having a mentor, a successful promoter, who can show you the ropes of the business. This will help you to dramatically short-cut your way to success – that’s if you are lucky.

Sometimes these same guys don’t want to teach you what they know. Because they are afraid of the competition you would give them.

Think about it. Would you want to have someone making you money. Or would you want them to start their own company competing for your profits?

Now I’m not bagging on all promoters. There are some genuinely “cool promoters” who are willing to share their knowledge. Who truly would want you to succeed. But that’s only if you know them really well.

It’s all about connections. If you don’t know someone in this business then it’s going to be tough. Starting out as a promoter has been a closely guarded secret that’s been kept from outsiders.

I may piss off a few promoters from revealing all this information – but I don’t care. If I can help someone get started in this “cool business” then it was worth it for me.

Now the information that I’m about to share with you has been used extensively with club owners and promoters.

You’ll be surprised that it DOES NOT take much to get started. In fact, you can get people to help you promote basically for free!

There are things you have to be careful about. Especially when it comes to negotiating with the club owners. Just one mistake could mean losing your shirt, even before you start. Read more…

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