Claude Hopkins Ads – Largest Advertising Collection

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Claude Hopkins Ads - Largest Advertising CollectionHere’s your chance to study the advertising genius of the century…I absolutely guarantee you will love this package.

If you’re anything like me you love to get your hands on anything that will help you gain an edge in your advertising and marketing efforts.

My name’s Michael Senoff. My business is buying and reselling high-end marketing and business-building seminars for pennies on the dollar.

My customers include people from all walks of life who want to learn how to make more money by improving their advertising, copywriting, marketing and selling skills.

Many of my customers include famous marketing gurus you read about on the internet. They come to me because I’m the only person on the planet that has a vast storehouse of old marketing seminars and books. I’m the only place they can get this stuff.

You see I’ve been a student of marketing and advertising for years and years. I have listened to these seminars over and over again. The thing that intrigues me the most are the legendary stories about Claude Hopkins…. and my customers rave about his work and how it’s revolutionized their sales and profits.

there is one name can get them rare or used marketing seminars cheaper than they can get themselves. I know what sells –I know what’s good.

Over and over again I have heard the legendary and wonderful stories about Claude Hopkins retold by the speakers in many of the seminars I resell … and by my customers who rave about his work and how it revolutionized their own sales results and cash flow.

I have read both his books, Scientific Advertising and My Life in Advertising, which I urge you to get.

I wanted to see Claude Hopkins’ work. I wanted to study and use his headlines for my benefit. I wanted to copy his ads out in my own handwriting. I wanted to use his famous guarantee in my marketing promotions. I wanted to suck out every last marketing principle I could learn from this man who started the whole field of scientific advertising!

With the help of an archival historian, I then researched and located, preserved and purchased the world’s largest collection of original Claude Hopkins ads.

With the amount of time, money and effort I put into this search, it will be impossible for anyone to duplicate this rare collection.

Thats how I am able to bring you this priceless offer of original Claude Hopkins advertisements word-for-word and picture-for-picture, just as they were published, so that you, too, can learn from them how to increase your sales and marketing effectiveness.

After collecting the ads from all sorts of sources, I then hired Bill Bodri, a marketing specialist out of New York, to craft specific lessons and match them to the ads.

These lessons will lead you through Claude Hopkins’ work while updating you on the most modern teachings of Jay Abraham, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Jeff Paul, Bill Myers, Yanik Silver, Roy Williams, Brian Tracy, Denny Hatch, Michael Masterson, Bill Bonner, Joe Vitale and other marketing gurus who would charge you thousands of dollars for their seminars.

Having listened to just about every seminar I sell, I can honestly say you would be hard pressed to find a better synopsis of… Read more…

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