Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Buy Gold and Silver SafelyMy name is Doug Eberhardt and I was a financial advisor for 20 years. I know first hand how gold dealers rip off their clients as I worked for one of these gold dealers in doing my research for writing the book “Buy Gold and Silver Safely.” Congress and the NY Times were interested in what I had to say about how these gold dealers rip off their clients and this book is a must read for anyone thinking about investing in gold and silver.

The reason I wrote the book “Buy Gold and Silver Safely” was to help people not only understand why gold and silver should be part of a well diversified portfolio, but to keep them from getting ripped off by unscrupulous gold dealers. You must learn these gold dealer tactics before their sales people try to convince you to buy the wrong type of gold and silver costing you 30% or more in commissions.

I start the book with a critique of the financial services industry I was a part of for 20 years who have followed the wrong investment model that didn’t help protect investors durng the 2008 financial crisis and won’t help protect investors during the next financial crisis. Learn why today’s investment models are wrong.

Chapter 4 of the book is the most important chapter relating to the “why” of owning gold. It contains a critique of the Federal Reserves balance sheet and explains the problems with the nations top banks who now have over 4 trillion of sub-investment grade derivatives on the books, more than at the height of the 2008 financial crisis. You won’t find this information in the Wall Street Journal or by watching CNBC! Chapter 4 also reveals what the future of our economy is and how things will unfold in the years ahead.The next few chapters provide one with an understanding of how gold and silver can counteract what potential problems investors will be faced with in the coming years and how to prepare your portfolio in advance of the coming financial tsunami. Chapter 8 goes into detail of how most gold dealers rip off their clients, exposing their tactics in separating you from your hard earned money. There’s a reason these gold dealers can afford all those expensive commercials on radio and TV, and it’s NOT because they have your best interest at heart.

There is a complete section on the types of gold and silver to buy, what I recommend and why. There are chapters on how to store your gold and silver (NOT in a safety deposit box at the bank), how to buy gold and silver with your IRA and how to profit with gold and silver investments.

“Federal Reserve, Congress, Banking and FinancialServices Industry Madness; The Truth about the US Dollar and Gold”

Credit Expansion>Inflation>Bubble Bursts> Recession>Government Intervention> Unemployment>Credit Contraction and Deflation>Banking Crisis> Hyperinflation>Depression

There are many reasons why you are not invested in these metals and most of them reveal how the deck is stacked against you in learning the truth about gold and silver. That is, until now….

Separate fact from fiction in talking with gold dealers. Don’t make the same mistake countless others are when buying gold and silver. Learn the 4 ways gold dealers rip you off and try and push you… Read more…

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