Business Name Ideas – Name ideas for businesses

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Business Name Ideas - Name ideas for businessesYou probably need a name, if you are an entrepreneur who is about start a new business, or a marketing professional who is working on creating a winning name for his company’s new product.

Every year hundreds of thousands of new companies and products appear in the United States alone. All of them need names – company names, product names, brand names, domain names.

In the past, naming your next company, product or brand was difficult and time-consuming. Finding that perfect domain name that hasn’t been taken was nearly impossible. You could hire a naming consultant but he charges Hundreds of dollars for his work. You can come up with a name yourself but it takes time and the result is often far from perfect.

BUZZiness Name is the ultimate service for creating business name ideas. It is a website that implements several naming techniques developed by professional naming consultants. The full story is: after a long study, we discovered how 90% of businesses get their names. With this in mind, we developed a genius method (5000+ formulas of creating a name), which is currently in the patent registration process.

BUZZiness Name is powerful in concept but incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is to fill out a quick questionnaire about your business to enable us to bring out your potential. Hundreds of creative name ideas customize for your business will appear. To make the selection process easier the names divided to categories, and you can save the names you liked the most in our reserve box.

Descriptive names describe the business of the company or the purpose of the product. Another related category is experiential names. These are names that describe the personal experience or feeling that is associated with product or service. Often such names are presented with a touch of imagination.

Unique creations are made-up words that are easy to pronounce, have good ring, resemble English words and at the same time are unique. Since these names are unique it makes it easy to register a company name, a trademark or to find a vacant domain name.

These are names of places, animals, flowers, etc. That can be associated with the business. For example: Amazon and Apple.

After you finish the sign-up process you will be directed to the subscriber’s home page. All you will need to do, after filling out the short questionnaire about your business, is to choose the name idea you liked the most. In each category, you will be able to sort the name ideas, by a-z, short to long, or by random.

You can add the names you like the most to the reserve box. To make the choosing part easier in the reserve box, you can give to the name a grade with the help of our parameter test.

You can use our service on a subscription basis. Subscription costs $14.95 per week and it gives you full access to all features of the site for as long as it is active. Please click the link below for a quick sign-up.

We offer a 100% risk free money back guarantee: If you make an honest effort to make use of BUZZiness Name service you are guaranteed to come up with a great business name ideas. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will… Read more…

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