- Business Meeting Skills and Games

Introduction by ebook's author:

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- Business Meeting Skills and GamesThe following points highlight some of the reasons why “Meeting Master” is such a powerful asset:

“I’ve always been shy and had never formally spoken to a group of people. My boss asked me to give a presentation to a group of people one day and I was horrified! When I found this book on the Internet, I thought it might be something like “Presentation for Dummies.” But after I read it, I found it helped me get through my presentation like a pro. I was extremely interested in the after-lunch exercises and actually tried a few of them with my audience. I got some great responses. I feel like I can do even better next time; the key is practice. I would recommend anyone to read this book. It also helps me to carry a conversation with strangers. I wondered if I can apply this book for conducting a webinar and will give it a try”

As a Manager you are under pressure to perform and to deliver results via the team under your control. A key element of any manager’s role is communicating via meetings.

I am sure that you would want to ensure that your meetings actually achieve results-Not Sleepwalking Zombies!

Hi, my name is Glen Foster. I am sure you all would like to experience some great business moments just like I have.

I started my career in supermarkets as a kid after school. I ended up being the manager of the most profitable supermarket in my state at the time. I have been on both sides of the retail/wholesale fence.

From there I embarked on a fascinating fifteen-year career with the largest food company in the world. I was promoted and transferred interstate and overseas. I learned (rapidly) about cultural barriers and language barriers and was often way out of my comfort zone (but boy was it a buzz!). I have been the owner operator of my own business for the last twelve years and love it.

People are the same the world over. They laugh, cry and work hard just like we do. While different cultures may proffer up the odd curve-ball in the end we are usually on the same wave length. We all want to achieve.

Meetings by necessity or perhaps blissful ignorance had a lot in common throughout my career. Most managers were too scared to do anything that did not look, or feel like, doing work in the business. As a result I have endured countless hours of brain destroying tedium. I took copious notes to 1) stay awake and 2) to have something to refer to just in case.

As my career progressed it became apparent to me that some meetings were better than others. My role became leader, facilitator or trainer. As my confidence grew I started to introduce things to “break up the meeting”. I started with simple things like funny TV adverts. Easy to tape and play back in just a few minutes. The comedian Jasper Carrot did a series on it which was perfect. If someone did something great in a meeting I would play one ad as a prize. Soon, I had the group vying to win an advert as a prize.

I have all of this really useful meeting experience floating around in… Read more…

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