Building A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media Today

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Building A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media TodayThere’s simply no way around it … if you want to be successful you need to build a “massive, million dollar list.”

The good news is that with the social media sites that are now available, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, building that list is easier and faster to do than it ever has been before.

Now you don’t have to wonder who will fill up your list … social media marketing makes it possible to gather targeted buyers from around the country and around the world.

You can quickly and easily gain access to millions of people online for FREE – and what could be better than that? Now you can target and specifically find hungry buyers ready to buy real estate deals and real estate related products all with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

If You Want to Grow Your Business, Social Media is Definitely the Kind of Marketing Tool You Want to Have in Your Toolbox!

Unfortunately it takes time and effort to master all of social media’s features, applications and possibilities. With so many tools and networks and features, available, it’s easy to wander down the wrong path.

You can definitely waste a lot of time learning how to best use Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn … and time is one thing that most real estate investors don’t have to waste.

That’s why I’ve written the “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using Social Media” e-course. This detailed, yet easy-to-follow guide will tell you exactly what you need to do to start using social media to grow your business and explode your profits.

When I first got started in real estate investing I struggled (like most investors do) finding buyers and growing my list.

I tried all the traditional marketing methods and nothing worked. I had two, what I considered to be very valuable houses, and no buyers.

I was sinking fast – but then one day I was talking to an Internet marketing friend and she just happened to mention that she was making a killing selling a generic wedding ebook that she got as a free bonus for buying an Internet marketing course.

She said that the book was old, not very good and widely available. So why was she making a killing?

Because she realized a simple little technique that allowed her to make easy money without talking to anyone.

In particular, she started marketing the book on Facebook to women ages 20-40 who listed their marital status as engaged.

After she started using Facebook, she said sales exploded. She went from selling three ebooks total in the previous month to selling an average of 15 a day!

Here’s what I found – social media enables real estate investors to engage in targeted marketing that we could only have dreamed about a few years ago.

For example, Facebook users complete profiles that contain such information as hometown; employer; religious beliefs; interests; education; favorite books, TV shows and movies; and much more.

In Fact, I Now Firmly Believe That If You Want to Make BIG Money as a Real Estate Investor You MUST Use Social Media!

The concept of social media – using online tools such as websites, micro-blogs and social networking forums to communicate with others – is… Read more…

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