Bob Oros Foodservice Distributor Sales training, Certified Speaking Professional

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Bob Oros Foodservice Distributor Sales training, Certified Speaking Professional“Your training gave me a MUCH NEEDED positive insight into selling. I had had a negative experience from selling and never wanted to try it again. However, you simply can’t escape selling. I can not open my mind and move forward with positive confidence. This program really taught me everything I need to overcome my fears.” Nicole Hand

“Bob, I found your training to be excellent. I learned a ton of new ideas and concepts. I also was reminded of several concepts that I had learned over the years and forgotten. Thanks.” Dwight L. Pigg

“This was an excellent training program. The way the course is laid out it gave me time to reflect on questions, think about how to be a better sales person and confirm many of the things I am doing. Thanks again.” Theresa Pritchett

“Thought provoking. Challenging. I looked forward to each day to see what I would learn and I was never disappointed. I would recommend this sales training to anyone in sales and management.” Thank you, Dave Yokem

“I just read your lesson, “Handling Rejection – Understand Why”. Wow! I started my new business a couple of months ago and was trying to figure out how to sell my professional services. I refined my plan, got leads, then I was frozen at the follow up call. I never had sales training, cold calling, or follow up call experience. Your lesson describes exactly how I feel and it has given me the confidence to act like I now have the right to place that call. Thank you for writing it. I really enjoyed it. And you probably made me lots of money because now I’m going to make my calls.” Mike Ryder

“What a great course. I found myself integrating the things we talked about into every day lifenot just selling. I get a daily boost and focus that really has made a difference. Luckily, I can go through the course again as many times as I want on my own. Thank you very much.” Thanks Again Ken Rogers

“Dear Bob, I do not want the 90 day training sessions to end! They have been so helpful in putting our jobs in the right perspective. You have helped me so much and if you have any letter campaigns for marketing use I would love to do a 6 or 7 week campaign for no more than 10 top companies then chart the progress. You have really shown me how to sell my professional services. Thank you Bob from the bottom of my heart.” Cynthia Miller

“Bob, I have thoroughly enjoyed your training program and the help you have given me by showing me how to sell my professional services! It has been very informative. I have tried some of your methods and we plan to try some more. I think a lot of it is tweaking your idea to work the best for our office and industry. ” Thank you, Heidi Gibbons

“I think your training was awesome. It has helped me tremendously by showing me how to sell my professional services. You are very smart about selling. I know that with your help through this 90 day program I will be a better sales person. I will have confidence in myself and my product. Thank you for all your help… Read more…

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