Black Book of Hotdog Stand

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Black Book of Hotdog StandUndoubtedly, one of the most powerful books written on the topic. Do not even think about starting up a hotdog stand until you have read this book.

The Hot dog industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Last year American hot dog vendors collectively earned more revenues than most countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Hot dogs are in huge demand, with over 18 billion hot dogs sold every year in the US alone. This offers real job security. No doubt it is rightly called “recession free” business.

The Black book will show you the secrets to succeeding in the hot dog industry. It is the only book in the market which combines the real-world experiences of top hot dog vendors from Seattle, New York and Chicago. These vendors are street fighters who learned how to beat the competition. Knowledge helps you win battles and knowledge makes you rich. What is the difference between making $100 a day and averaging $500 a day? The secret is knowledge. It is not experience, but knowledge that helps you succeed. I remember making $3,750 on the 4th of July in a local park while my competition who sold hot dogs only 65 feet away barely earned half of what I made. He had access to the same crowd but he did not have the knowledge that I had. I will share that secret knowledge with you.

The Black Book is the only book in the market which combines the experiences of top hot dog vendors from Seattle, New York and Chicago. These vendors are street fighters who learned how to top the competition.

The author has set out a detailed report that includes everything that one would possibly need to start a hot dog business the right way, while avoiding common mistakes along the way.

The book will answer all your questions about setting up a hot dog venture. We guarantee you this is the only book you will need to succeed and be the best hot dog vendor in town.

The book provide information in straight-forward manner with links, resources and pictures. It covers everything including:

Our book will also help you to learn about other aspects related to Hot Dog vending Business such as the following:

Please be advised that shippable media is available to customers within the US. The international customers must buy eBook.

The Black book contains 138 pages of pure tribal knowledge jam-packed with information designed to help both the newbie and the experienced vendors. The book is designed to give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Unfair may not be the politically correct word but that is what your competitor will say when you kick some serious asses within a very short time.

I have been providing consultation to food and hot dog vendors for years. It has been an extremely joyful experience seeing families make a good living using my business operating procedures. So I wrote this book for a wider audience to help more people succeed. I am not here to show you how to be an average Joe type of hot dog vendor. You must have a strategic plan of attack whether you are in the battle field or on the street selling hot dogs. You must be a street fighter who takes his game to the next level.

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