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Billion Dollar Ad Secrets - claude-twoTake a look at the entire Claude Hopkins Million-Dollar Digital Package for only $4.95 during this limited time 14-Day Trial…

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Here’s Your Last Chance To Get The Claude Hopkins Million-Dollar Digital Package… Including His Third Book Almost No One Knows About… Before It’s Pulled Off The Market On April 25, 2011

You’ll now discover many powerful advertising and marketing secrets Claude Hopkins did not share in his other two books. Secrets he used to build empires and jump-start completely new and major industries!

Claude C. Hopkins is considered to be the “Father of Modern Day Advertising” and the greatest ad-man who ever lived. In his newly-discovered third book he reveals advertising secrets he never wrote about before.

In 1906 he went to work for Albert Lasker of Lord & Thomas Advertising. Lasker paid him $185,000 a year not including bonuses and commissions.

According to his calculations, in 35 years of work he spent 70 years in advertising. How? By doing two years worth of work every year.

More importantly, Hopkins was a genius salesman. He pioneered many of the techniques we take for granted today.

His philosophy was to never try to sell anything. Instead, he preferred to offer people the “privilege of buying.”

He showed prospects, in no uncertain terms, why buying from him was better. Because he was doing them a favor. His favorite maxim was…

He was a clever schemer who knew how to set up a sale. Yet, he wrote honest ads full of implication. Ads tapping the most exploitable of all emotions… curiosity.

The concepts he pioneered are helping online and offline advertisers to sell more goods and services… and… supercharge their bottom line.

Hopkins was hired to increase sales of Schlitz beer. At the time Schlitz occupied fifth place in the market. All beer makers boasted that their beer was pure. No one had explained what that meant.

Hopkins researched how Schlitz made their beer. He then wrote advertisements telling the wonderful story of how “pure beer” was made.

Anyone can take this example and create advertising that explains the story behind their product or service. Pre-emptive marketing works today as well as back then.

When competitors wake up and try to say the same thing they will only look like copycats. The advantage of pre-emptive marketing is you’re first to tell your story.

As advertising manager of Swift & Company, Hopkins catapulted Cotosuet (a butter and lard substitute) to the top of the heap. He contrived to promote the product during the grand opening of a Rothschild & Company store in Chicago.

Hopkins got permission from the store’s advertising manager to use the fifth floor. He then asked a baker to prepare “the largest cake in the world.”

The cake was made out of Cotosuet instead of butter. And was placed in the large alcove of the fifth floor bay window. It stood as high as the room. Hopkins advertised the cake in daily papers.

The ads made the point that Cotosuet was a good enough substitute for butter and lard to make this grand cake.

The advertising brought in 105,000 people in to see the cake. Cotosuet became an overnight sensation… and… left the competition in the dust.

In those days, canned milk was a new concept… Read more…

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