Becoming a Lucrative Importer Has Never Been Easier – The China Import Guide

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Becoming a Lucrative Importer Has Never Been Easier - The China Import GuideI’m sure I don’t have to tell you that manufacturing and importing from China offers some very unique rewards and challenges.

If you want to produce your product in large quantities, you know you can’t realistically make it yourself. You also want to make money selling your product online. The economic reality is that it is probably too expensive to have your product made locally. Manufacturing your product in China makes great financial sense. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding a factory to make your product.

And it’s more than just selecting an overseas manufacturer. You also have to manage the production process from half a world away and communicate with people who don’t speak your language well, if at all. And how do you get the product from China to your country and then to your customers?

I know exactly how hard it is to find solid, reliable information so you can make the critical decisions – decisions that impact your bottom line.

When I was entering the world of importing there wasn’t much help or guidance. There still isn’t. Sure there are plenty of “experts” willing to charge you enormous sums of money for their advice.

But when every dollar counts, hiring a consultant just doesn’t fit into your budget. While the challenges and decisions you’re facing may make it seem like you don’t have a choice – I’m here to tell you that you can do it on your own.

I felt the same way when I was starting out. Now you can reap the benefits of my on the job training.

Importing and manufacturing from China can be complicated. That’s why I’ve written a book specifically for people like you; people who want to start their own businesses.

“The China Import Guide” is the book I wish was available when I began my career as an importer. This guide takes you from your first glimmer of an idea all the way through delivering your fantastic product to your satisfied customers. I’ll hold your hand through every step along the way. The advice and resources in this book would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars if you hired a consultant. I wrote this book because I know the importance of your bottom line. You want to manufacture in China to save money on production costs and boost your earnings. This book allows you to do just that.

The processes and advice I share in “The China Import Guide” come from real-world experience. My career as an importer started in New York City while working for a manufacturing company. Over the course of my career I’ve developed working relationships with some of the most recognized manufacturers in the world. I have managed the manufacture of specialty products in a wide variety of countries, including England, Italy, Korea, India, Dubai and, of course, China.

Over time I honed my skills, processes and tools finally settling into a niche for which I continue to feel a great passion: home furnishings and decorative products. In 2005 I launched my own company to design and manufacture a collection of decorative home accessories. I used my experience to successfully produce and import these product lines from China. This is what led me to write “The China Import Guide… Read more…

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