Audio Wiz makes Web Audio easy

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Audio Wiz makes Web Audio easyThere’s a simple little technique for increasing your website sales … that is so quick and easy to do, it’s almost ‘unfair.’

And I’ve personally used it to increase my sales by up to 300%. Yes … TRIPLED my sales … using this one technique alone.

That’s it! Simply by adding 30 seconds of commentary here … 60 seconds of information there (hey, just like I’ve done underneath my photo above) … I was able to enhance the whole sales process. Helping customers feel more at ease … and more able to fully understand whether my solutions were going to help them.

So understand: my products didn’t change … my offers didn’t change … my websites didn’t change – I just added AUDIO!

Problem was, putting audio on my websites wasn’t a very easy process. I don’t know about you, but I’m not very technical. So adding audio was always a bit of an uphill battle.

I could do it. But when something isn’t EASY, isn’t it funny how you tend to find other things to do instead, procrastinating just long enough to cost you a ton of sales!

I had someone create the sort of software which made it easy enough for ME to put audio on my websites WHENEVER I wanted to.

Guess what? My “techie guy” found a way to do it. And now I use my own software all the time. It’s dead-easy. I’m putting audio on my websites any time I like … and I don’t have to pay for any stupid monthly fees in order to do so either.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to have audio on your website WITHOUT having to pay a silly monthly fee for the privilege?

STEP 1 – You’ll choose whether you want to record some brand new audio (just plug in a microphone or headset and you’re away) … or use an existing audio file.

STEP 2 – You’ll choose how you want your audio buttons to look (and there are 118 different colours and options to choose from)

STEP 3 – Then just copy the special “code” my software generates into your webpage (just place it wherever you want the buttons to appear)

There are many good programs out there – but mine is the SIMPLEST to use. I should know, I have them all! So “Brett McFall’s Audio Wiz” was designed based on what is already available – and made to be simpler than all of them put together.

Plus… you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use mine. Once you buy the program, you own it for life.

You can use it to add your own personal touch to your website – welcoming your visitors with your own simple little message (of any length you want) – just like I did at the top of this page

You can use it to explain your product or service in the most powerful way possible – just YOU talking to your customer like they were right beside you

You can use it to put music on your webpage – no need for your customer to wait for hours just to download your big music audio file (this way, they can play it instantly from your site)

You can use it to put customer testimonials on your webpage! This is a really powerful way to use this software – have… Read more…

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