Art Glass For Profit

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Art Glass For ProfitThe Art Glass Business Essential: All Your Questions Answered… and more in this easy-to-follow-and-understand guide!

Making a career out of the art industry isn’t as easy as a lot of people assume, I think it’s twice as hard as any other job because you have to have skills and artistic talent and you have to be business-minded too. “Art Glass For Profit” won’t teach you how to make your art glass products but it will show you how you can take your talent and make a real career out of it.

Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, this is going to be the most important web page you read today.

You see, in just a few moments, I’m going to reveal how you can start your own money-making art glass business.

You’ll be amazed at how much less stressful and more enjoyable life is when you’re doing what you absolutely love for a living.

Working a 9 to 5 job that you don’t like, can’t seem to enjoy or even downright hate, can very much affect your life. And if you are thinking about just letting go, following your heart and starting a new business—a new career—in the hopes of living a better life, you’re not alone.

Many people have the same thoughts and some even have a desperate need to make the change, but the problem is few know how to make the jump.

Imagine owning your own boss … Imagine setting your own hours … Imagine making money doing something you love … now stop imagining and keep reading to find out how to turn these dreams into reality.

I’m a writer, researcher and entrepreneur. I have started several online and offline businesses and run them successfully. While I’m not a glass artist myself, I LOVE glass art and I am an avid collector. I also have several friends who are art glass artists.

A couple of these friends recently decided they wanted to start their own art glass business – of course none of them had any business experience to speak of.

But they were so tired of the rat race and all the stress and working so hard for so little pay. They wanted to own their own businesses, be their own bosses.

Predictably, their new businesses didn’t go well and soon they were calling me and asking for my business advice.

Not knowing much at that time about the art glass market, I began doing extensive research and what I found out really intrigued me.

Among other things, I discovered that people all over the world are willing to pay good money for attractive art glass.

According to my research, you don’t even have to be a super talented glass artist to make good money, you can be entirely average and still rake in the profits – as long as you understand some important business concepts.

“Art Glass For Profit” was a great fun read, especially enjoyed the parts where other glass artists talk about how they run their own businesses. Managed to take a lot of ideas from them, the chapter about pricing art glass products was especially helpful and gave me better methods to price my services and stained glass products. Thanks Heath, I hope all your readers… Read more…

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