AMC300 – Appraisal Management Companies Directory

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AMC300 - Appraisal Management Companies DirectoryAs we update our list each month, we often find small listings online of management companies that are offered for free. In our research, we have never found a list online that will give you current and verified listings. Our list has a minimum of 10 to 15 changes each month, due to mergers, new additions and/or company failures.

AMC300 includes all the names and contact information for current and verified Appraisal Management Companies. This includes the name, address information, phone number(s), fax numbers(s), and URL’s to the websites. As each AMC is different, we have included special sign-up instructions, if the company has a less than normal sign up procedure.

Currently, there are anywhere from 6 to 10 million homes being sold each year (even during this economy). These top appraisal management companies process about 70% of the work. That means, between 4.2 and 7 million homes are funneled through these companies. Unfortunately, because they are the biggest, they are the most saturated with appraisers. Getting work from them may be more difficult, as they have to spread the work between the bulk of appraisers who want to work for them.

While I do think it is important to sign up with these companies (because you will get work), it is equally important to sign up with the smaller ones. They process about 3 million appraisals per year. There is much less competition between appraisers, since these are more difficult to find.

The AMC300 list is comprehensive and includes all the major players as well as the smaller AMC’s. Although the list is guaranteed to be updated every three months, it is usually updated monthly. You will get the most accurate and up-to-date appraisal management list from AMC300.

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