Amazing Sales Persuasion

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Amazing Sales PersuasionDear Friend, I’m not a professional copywriter… I’m not a professional sales coach… I’m not a professional persuasion expert… In fact, I haven’t done face-to-face selling in over 10 years…. However, I do have a Unique Philosophy that could help you…

…and it’s based on a bizarre experience that took place when I worked as a humiliated janitor… You see, my experience with selling is somewhat unique. I still remember the day when I went into my sales supervisor’s office and a weird sheet caught my eye. It was a report that got mailed to all of the bosses in the country (for this company). When I looked at it closely, I saw that next to my name was “Rank 1″.

To understand my excitement (and secrets) we have to travel back in time. You see, I was initially hired as the floor sweeper boy (kind of like a janitor who stocked shelves). It was demoralizing on so many levels. One day the boss called me into his office..

Boss: The company is eliminating your position. I was like: Oh… ok….so I’m fired? He was like: You’re now a salesperson.

And then, in a round about way… He said: Oh by the way. If you don’t make X amount in sales per month, you’re fired. Well. It didn’t make sense. I had zero sales experience. They weren’t going to train me. And I know nothing about auto service (In fact, at that time, I had never owned a car.)

One particular mechanic (in my face) had everyone make predictions on when I would be fired. I actually threw out a date to play along. lol. I remember actually thinking (to myself): I’ll just sell the most I possibly can until I get fired. But it didn’t play out that way… I’m convinced 100% that not being trained was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to do things differently. Combine that was an intense hustle-attitude and in a matter of months I was the top guy in the store. It gets better. I started setting sales records! In fact, in a very short amount of time I was the top salesperson in the entire country (for this particular company!) This wasn’t suppose to happen!

Ingredient #1: Hustle Ingredient #2: Good Selling Tactics (from Multiple Viewpoints) Ingredient #3: Treat Customers With Respect

The Multiple Viewpoints Approach Will Work Great For You… Today when I think back, I realize just how powerful that is. You see, I did this by accident. Today, when I look at the sales training that’s currently taking place (in 2011) for top companies, it makes me laugh. It’s a joke. Once I made my mind up that I was going to have success, I became so desparate and scared that I was willing to learn from any type of salesperson. To me, it was all the same. I would get advice from Furniture salesmen, TV salesmen, autoservice salesmen. I got advice. I applied it. I made more money. Advice = Leveraged Experience = Shortcut To FAST SUCCESS. Except this time (for this report) it has been done on a more advanced level. That’s Why…

“I Collected Persuasion Secrets From 13 Specialists And I Put All of Their Hidden Tricks In One 109 Page Manual…Now You Can Use My Secret Weapon For Yourself…”

Could I have gone… Read more…

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