Amazing Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Methods

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Amazing Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Methods“You’re About To Learn The Secrets That Predicted The Bull Market Of The 1970′s And Crash Of 1987…”

Dear Trader, I could get into some pretty hot water over this and I don’t care. You see, I have just written an ebook that exposes the most closely guarded trading secrets used by top market traders.

I know, you have probably never heard of me. But, I am the guy who has written trading software for well known traders and advisors currently being used around the world. I have personally coached other traders around the globe – from beginners to seasoned trading veterans. I have been constantly asked to reveal these secret methods. And, since I want to make sure that this information is available to those who really want to reap it’s rewards, I have to make it available to everyone.

In order to cover this unique information and bring it to public light, I wrote this new eBook which takes price chart analysis to a whole new level.

Don’t worry about having to labor through hundreds of pages or hours of video. All of this information is contained within my 63 page eBook.

I know that you may have some questions about this amazing material. So, let me answer a few of them up front…

In my new eBook, I break down these methods to their smallest detail. Then, I demonstrate their use step by step using real charts. Finally, I give you the opportunity to test your new knowledge with exercises at the end of the eBook complete with detailed explanation.

Not at all. In fact, I have written this with the assumption that you have no prior understanding of the concepts that I will cover.

Since these methods are not based on some black box trading system, you can apply these techniques to:

No. These principals work on virtually any time frame. In the examples that follow, you can see the principals applied to daily and intraday charts.

I disclose three distinct methods for calculating and locating areas on a price chart where the market could turn in the future using The Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios. And, these are calculated well in advance of the market reaching these target areas.

In the examples that follow, I show price areas designated by the three methods using colored boxes on the chart.

In the QQQQ 45 minute chart above, you can see that the market has reached an extreme low point that corresponds with our projected price area. But, what happened after that??

Here we can see that the market moves to the a price area found by our three methods. Remember, these price areas are found in advance of the market reaching these levels.

Here is an example using an Apple 45 minute chart. Again, market reaches a price area that we have calculated using the three methods along with our Elliott Wave count.

The small red arrow at the bottom of the chart shows where the market was in the previous chart. As you can see, the market has exploded to over $105 per share after it reached the price area designated in the previous chart.

You can see here that we have calculated more than just one target. But, note that the market reaches the yellow box. What do you… Read more…

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