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A. B. Clark Marketing Order FormDr. A. Bruce Clark (who many refer to as “A.B.C., Ph.D.” due to his initials and credentials) holds three technical and three business degrees from The Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, University of Houston and Saint Louis University. He held senior level positions with several FORTUNE 500 companies before founding ABClarkMarketing.com, which has handled projects from start-ups to international energy projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. In such roles he witnessed both poorly and well-handled communications. The result was that he, in 2004, produced the ABCPhD.com website to help those in a faith-based ministry seeking jobs. Within a short period of time, this website was receiving 40,000 monthly visitors!

Based upon the positive feedback that Dr. Clark (who has made many media appearances and been quoted in leading sources like FORTUNE magazine) received, he conducted further research on the best techniques for finding highly profitable jobs and greatly expanded, as well as updated, the useful information that he initially presented. The result is this highly-acclaimed, 208-page e-book.

Besides his FORTUNE 500 and consulting experience, Dr. Clark held various academic positions at LeTourneau University, the University of Saint Thomas, Texas Southern University and American InterContinental University. In those jobs he received outstanding teaching awards, authored hundreds of scholarly articles and rose from an “Assistant Professor of Marketing” to a “Professor of Marketing & Economics.”

Dr. Clark’s Guide to Highly Profitable Networking: Market Yourself in Tough and Good Times: is now listed in not just one but four of the twenty-four categories of ebooktika.com, a leading e-book retailer! The below comments (which are followed by instructions for those wanting to order individual copies, as well as purchase large quantities of the book) show what others have said about Dr. Clark’s widely-acclaimed book that sold very well at $69.99 during the first quarter of 2010 (a 20% discount from the suggested retail price of $87.92) and that is NOW ONLY $19.99:

After purchasing the book, reading the quotes and stories about global leaders and falling in love with it, my sister and I bought bumper stickers with the www.abcphd.com website for our cars. The reasons are that we want others to (1) discover their comparative advantages, (2) better understand their God-given potentials, and (3) realize that differences in their resumes and approaches when times are “good” versus “bad” can make a world of difference. In my opinion this book is a much better deal and more beneficial than books like What Color is Your Parachute?

Dr. Clark’s book is a must read for all individuals, regardless of whether they are applying to colleges, getting ready to enter the workforce, hoping to advance in their professions, obtain new jobs, launch businesses, rebound from setbacks, take their careers to the next level or mentor others. Dr. Clark’s Guide to Highly Profitable Networking provides its readers with the insights that they need not just to survive but rather to thrive. This book is a must read if you wish to advance in today’s high tech and interconnected world!!!! I salute Dr. Clark on his writing such an outstanding book.

Bruce’s book on Highly Profitable Networking should be required reading for each and every college student and career counselor. It is packed with more than two-hundred pages of well-organized wisdom which will help its readers to handle… Read more…

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