27 Killer Ways to Finance Your Business

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27 Killer Ways to Finance Your BusinessNo outdated sources, fictitious grants, bizarre ideas, or “free money” schemes. Just solid financing methods that people use every day to launch businesses.

“From the opening anecdote to the no-nonsense ideas to the empowering close, 27 Killer Ways to Finance Your Business is a must-read for all entrepreneurs. Rather than selling the latest fund-generating memes, Mr. Douros gives the straight talk on reliable – and exciting – ways to raise capital while inspiring business owners to take brave steps and conduct operations in the ways that work. This is much more than a money book; it’s a business-as-life-as-business book.”

“If only I had the chance to start my business, I’d finally reach my full potential.” “If only I could pursue my passion, I’d feel good about waking up and going to work.” “If only I worked for myself, I’d be able to give my family the life they deserve.”

If you’re trying to realize the dream of owning your own business, these are thoughts that go through your head every day. You read news stories about small businesses being bought up by big companies for millions – sometimes billions – of dollars, and you think, “If only I had a tiny bit of that money, I could start a great business.”

27 Killer Ways to Finance Your Business shows you those options so you can make sense of the small business financing world.

Maybe you’ve been putting off your dream because you need money to get going and you don’t know where to look.

Simply put, they go where the money is. People WANT to give you money – it’s how they grow their investments. If you have the qualities of a successful business owner, people WANT to meet you and invest in your future.

“This is THE best time to start a business… The last two businesses I started were both in recessions. And anybody who wants to start a business – it may be harder to do – but this is THE #1 best time.”

Over 200+ pages, 27 Killer Ways to Finance Your Business goes into detail about 27 different ways you can get your hands on startup and expansion capital. For example…

Know anything about business incubators? You should. They can significantly cut down your startup expenses by sharing small business infrastructure—like offices, utilities, warehouses, laboratories, and even employees. With a good business incubator, you might not even need to look for outside funding.

Did you know that if you’re buying an existing business, you can use the assets of THAT business to secure an asset-based loan that you can use to buy that very business? Sounds crazy, but it’s not a gimmick. Lenders love fixed assets, and you can leverage the equity in those assets to get a business loan.

Those are just a few of the things you’ll learn in the 200+ pages of detailed, specific information and strategies for launching your dream.

“The next 15 to 20 years, the money’s going to be made owning and running businesses. If I have any advice, it’s look for a small business where you can be a principal. If you think you are so smart, go prove it. Don’t go to your rocking chair at 65 not knowing.” Read more…

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