24 Auto Cash: Autopilot Profits Make Money Online Using Forex Robots

Introduction by ebook's author:

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24 Auto Cash: Autopilot Profits Make Money Online Using Forex RobotsB.Simone is a 22 year old student and he discovered the secret to making a big fortune for himself and start making shockingly huge amount of money non-stop 24×7. this opportunity is 100% automatic and you don’t have to even lift your finger to make huge sums of money.

Sorry, I have not introduced myself. I am Simone, a computer technician. After I finished school, I wanted to live my dream. However I realized that it was not that easy but a complex one, to dream is one thing but to live one’s dream is a totally different thing. I ended up working as a programmer in a company. My monthly salary was $600 per month. I spent 8 hours a day in front of my computer each day and went back to my rented room tired and worn out. Life was simply hard.

One fine day in 2008, I was watching TV and I watched a show on Forex robot competition. Just a quick note on Forex robot – Forex robot can make money automatically and a Bulgarian won the competition by converting $10,000 to $169,584.64 within 3 months and that too 100% automatic without any efforts.

I was shocked absolutely and totally taken aback. Here I spend 8 hours daily working hard each day for my Fat Boss while others in the planet make money easily as if playing a game.

Each day after I got out of my office, I wend directly to my home and started researching on how to make automatic money in Forex market. I did an extensive research and compiled a lot of useful information. I learnt through trial and error method; I tested, I tried, I learnt, I failed, I revised the approach and after 2 years of in-depth research I came up with my first theory in February 2010.

I opened my first real time account with a Forex broker. I funded my Forex account with all the money I had saved over the past years, $500! I started reaping the fruits of my hard work and two years of research. I will rush back from my office daily to my home to see the fruits of my work. Within one year my life had changed completely. I had rented a luxury apartment by now.

I had also bought a Plasma TV which costs more than my monthly salary, playstation 2, Xbox 360 and a DVB.

The biggest satisfaction : I exit my daily JOB, I start working on something that I like in a place I like. I get 2 desktop in my new luxury apartment, I work in front of my plasma TV. Above all, I now feel like a PRO and I am the BOSS.

Not to forget the Luxury Suzuki Burgman 650 motorbike and a car, just a $18,625 car but it is just the beginning. I have at last started living my biggest dream and I have achieved my toughest mission, that too within just a single year.

a- what he don’t like you to know about broker, and how broker scam you and take you to loss, and reduce from your earning.

After trying a lot of Forex systems, robots and indicators I was only frustrated as each product turned out to be a failure. I lost a lot of money and time in trying and failing. At last I found 24AutoCash and… Read more…

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