21 Trading Systems – Trading For Real Traders

Introduction by ebook's author:

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21 Trading Systems - Trading For Real TradersThe losers are the dreamers – you know the ones I`m talking about – those who think they can learn how to trade over the weekend, because they have just been enticed by some fancy sales page to buy the latest incredible trading system that`s ‘winning 70%-80%-90% of the time’, or even worse, the latest trading robot that is ‘just going to keep pumping money like an out-of-control ATM!’

The winners are the traders who have their feet firmly on the ground, and understand the basic fundamentals of trading, linked together with Money Management and the discipline to trade to a set PLAN

Winners know they can make money with as little as just a 20% win ratio, and make good money with 30% -40% wins

– or maybe you’re just waiting for the next fancy sales page to come along to separate you from your money? 21-Trading-Systems is not just about the systems, it’s about providing you with the knowledge and support to find your own style, one that suits your own personality and tolerance to risk.

Each of the 21 Trading Systems will do one thing, that is: they give you the edge – and we will show you how to put it all together, how to become a winning trader.

Full-time trader and 21-Trading-Systems creator David Curran issued a challenge to one of his subscribers.

“Pick any of the 21 Systems and I will trade it for you over a 2 week period and record each trade live with screenshots and account statements.”

The system selected by this subscriber was the 3EMA, not one of David`s personal favourites but he was willing to back-up his statement with action.

If you want a real trader as your mentor, David Curran and his team are waiting to help you to the next step.

Act now to find your own style of trading with the educational material 21-Trading-Systems provides, and let David and his team guide you on the right path.

Disclaimer Forex Commodity Futures and Stock speculation is not without risk, please note that no method of trading is foolproof or without difficulty. There is risk of loss trading any financial product. All the trading systems and trading methodologies presented in this book are for traders educational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. You must be aware that there are risks in any type of trading.

Warning The writer and publisher of this book is not a licensed financial advisor and no part of this document or associated documents is to be construed as a recommendation to “buy” or “sell” any investment. The information given in this book was researched as thoroughly as possible however the writer and publisher take no responsibility for any inaccuracy, omissions or mistakes nor accepts liability as a result of actions arising from it. The reader/purchaser has no connection to the writer/publisher in any way nor is he/she acting as an agent, representative or any other connected person. The reader/publisher of this publication is urged to seek legal advice before entering into any contract and is responsible for checking the legalities of any action undertaken by them.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this book the author… Read more…

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