101 Free and Inexpensive Marketing Ideas – 101 Free and Inexpensive Marketing Ideas

Introduction by ebook's author:

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101 Free and Inexpensive Marketing Ideas - 101 Free and Inexpensive Marketing IdeasHeather Jacobson’s Making Dollars out of Cents: 101 Tips for the Frugal Marketer is an absolute gem, a must read for any and all business owners. Her approach to sharing the wealth of her marketing expertise is concise and simple to follow – and even easier to put into action. This is the best tool I’ve laid eyes on to help learn how to market myself and my business. Thank You, Heather!”

I found free and inexpensive ways to market my business. You’d be surprised at how many are out there. Sometimes they take a little more time, or a little more effort, but I had time and I had effort. What I didn’t have was the money.

I had been procrastinating on the task that needed to be done for a conference that I was attending, and then I got “ Making Dollars out of Cents” and I had an EXCELLENT resource to use and guide me towards reaching my goal. I was so on fire for my new venture and to release it at the conference. Now I know that I can have my marketing materials done and in place for just PENNY’S on the DOLLAR for any new adventure that may come up. Thank you Heather for putting together such a great resource I will be using it for many years to come.

My brain is reeling with new ideas! Simply put Making Dollars Out of Cents truly makes sense. Written in plain English, Heather captures the reader’s attention from the beginning with simple, true to life ideas that are easy and almost effortlessly able to be put into practice. Not only will you read this entire ebook in one sitting, you will use it again and again as an everyday resource for your marketing. Whether you are a coach, consultant, real estate agent, internet marketer, virtual assistant or something in between, this book is for you! However if you are looking for an ebook about hype, this definitely is not the book for you. But if you ARE looking for rock-solid, money-making principles then you better snag Making Dollars Out of Cents and snag it quickly.

The key to inexpensive and free marketing is utilizing all the tools available to you. There are tools out there that you didn’t even know existed. That is until NOW! I’ve compiled 101 inexpensive and free marketing ideas – complete with links for additional resources and examples – in one eBook – an eBook you may purchase and download right now – no matter what time of day or night – and get started on promoting your dream.

Great book. I have purchased the Cory Rudl series but it was not as much help as yours. Thank you so much!

And, in addition to SEO Made Easy and access to the private library, you’ll have access to the 60 minute marketing teleseminar that I hosted in November. We covered how to get yourself and your industry known, how to choose a target market, how to start a newsletter, and more.

These bonuses are valued at $100 and they are yours free just for purchasing Making Dollars Out of Cents: 101 Tips for the Frugal Marketer.

Before I answer you, answer this question: What goals do you have set for your business? Do you want to… Read more…

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