100 Must Read Business Books

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100 Must Read Business BooksAre you a someone who wants to learn, grow, improve and have an impact in this world? Are you also one of those busy people who intend to read, but don’t seem to have the time to read all the books you need to get ahead and improve yourself and your business?

Furthermore, it seems that all the time in the world is still not enough to get the information you need in your head to grow your business, improve your communication, or acquire the leadership skills you need to move forward.

The business world is advancing at a very rapid pace and only way to connect with it is the books. With the vast offering of business books and materials it is often challenging to know where to invest your limited reading time. Not having enough time to read the right books forgoes the opportunity to get ahead and to apply these shared knowledge to your business or life.

Many entrepreneurs and business executives barely have enough time to complete their work, let alone sit down, find the right books, and read several of them!

If you want to really move forward in your job or take your business to the next level, the knowledge in these books becomes essential.

Well, a few years ago, I created a monthly summary (8-10 pages each) on a variety of popular business books. The list has grown to well over a 100 books on a variety of topics.

I have simply shared the reports with my clients and friends in the hope that this will improve their careers. These reports not only have helped my clients and friends careers but also improved their productivity, confidence, and incomes. These also whet my clients/friends appetites, as a result they then start buying the books that interested them.

I always wanted to find a way to share these resources with more people but didn’t know how until now!

“I am but a messenger – I share a message of WHY – but you, Frumi, take the WHY and bring it to life in ways that change peoples’ lives. Because of you, I know the world I imagine will come to life. You inspire me.”

This product is a list of 100 best business books ever written with a link to a summary of 8 to 10 pages for each as well as the author’s big thought and a recommendation from me as to what value I got from reading the book & how it will impact your business, efficiency, income, and life.

People were loving the book summaries I was sending out via email, but it suddenly dawned on me that putting the book list together in a convenient form with my reviews and the author’s big thought would allow more people to get access to all this great information in a convenient format, digitally delivered!

Gaining the kind of knowledge that’s included in these books could lead to being more efficient, knowing what to do to get ahead, more money in your bank account, and even more time on your hands.

I’ve made it easy for everyone to get this information by providing this list with reviews, author’s big thought and summaries in a convenient digital format.

You could spend hours researching various business books and going through… Read more…

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