Winning The Pick 3 Lottery System – How To Win Pick 3 Lottery Strategies

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Winning The Pick 3 Lottery System - How To Win Pick 3 Lottery StrategiesAfter I published my first book on the Pick 4 lottery, I continued my research on the Pick 3 lotto that I started back in 1995.

I wanted to do it right and concentrate on one lotto game at a time. By focusing on one game at a time I am able to provide you with my strategies for the Pick 3 game.

I applied my Pick 3 strategies to the most recent drawings from different State Lotteries around the United States, the Canadian Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, Belgium, Chile Toto 3 and Toto 3 Dia, Peru Super 3, and Western Australia Cash 3 Lotteries.

I randomly chose different months in 2009 to test and retest the strategies. I was simply “blown away” by the results that were produced, not just in Illinois, but in every state and country I researched.

The Pick 3 lotto system I developed is unlike other systems in the marketplace because I DO NOT use the traditional filters of hot and cold, odd and even, high and low or overdue numbers. I do not use wheels either. All these processes have a way of eliminating numbers. Once the player eliminates one single digit, he or she creates losing numbers. Each time one of the eliminated digits is drawn in the Pick 3 lottery, then that number is an automatic loser for the player.

My system has shown success with both the traditional ball drawings as well as computer generated drawings.

Computerized number generators are attractive to many folks because they suggest less work. You put in all your information….the computer sorts it out and filters the categories you have entered….and gives you the results.

BUT, how do you know which category to choose? It’s like playing darts, you play whatever numbers your dart hits, and HOPEFULLY, they are the right ones. Any INCORRECT or BAD choice gives you a list of LOSING NUMBERS TO PLAY!

Did you know that for every single digit you eliminate from your play, you eliminate 271 possible winning straight combinations.

If you ELIMINATE “1″ from your play, then every drawn number that contains a “1″ makes you an “Automatic Loser”. Often times you know you are losing, but you can’t figure out WHY?….this is one of the REASONS!

Revolutionary…… does not use all the old over used and under productive hot and cold, overdue, number frequency, or odd and even filters that other programs use. And, there are NO Wheels.

Flexible………interacts with Midday to Midday plus Midday to Evening plus Evening to Evening and Evening to Midday results.

Relevant & Example Rich……..I provide one month example for every Pick 3 lotto game in the United States and Canada.

Worldwide……..the book provides proven Strategies that can be used in every known Pick 3 lotto game in the world including the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean, Chile and Peru.

These Pick 3 strategies are FAST becoming known to players WORLDWIDE. The strategies have been purchased by players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and other Caribbean islands of Dominica, Netherland Antilles, St. Vincent & Grenadines, and around the world, including Venezuela & Chile in South America, Western Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Israel, Greece, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland.

You are able to download my Strategies in PDF-format using Adobe Reader. If… Read more…

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