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Welcome to the Horse Selector! ‹ The Horse SelectorHorseSelector.com is your one stop source for exclusive horse racing selections across the US and Canada.

The art of true handicapping is not just to select a horse based on its last race, but to find true contenders that will produce a lucrative profit.

HorseSelector.com hand-selects each race based on strict criteria, focusing on overall past performance as well as in-depth analysis of current race track trends and previous racing records at today’s track. The end result is a highly profitable select group of races each day, providing our subscribers an opportunity to profit consistently over a prolonged period of time.

HorseSelector.com does not publish races just for the purpose of providing our subscribers with typical ‘action,’ but rather to have a distinct edge in a specific race or races. For those who desire few select races each day to maximize their betting investment and produce a long standing continuous profit, the HorseSelector.com is the only service for you. You can cancel at any time and we guarantee results, so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

* We do not bypass a race because the odds are short just so we can take an unnecessary risk on a long shot selection. * We do not skip a selection because we do not like the Jockey. * We do not bypass a race because the field size is too short or too long. * We simply provide you with the best race which meets our criteria that we feel you have a very good chance to win and profit with.

There are favorites and long-shots in every race, but not all are legitimate. Therefore, we hand select races that have the strict criteria you need to maximize your profit with minimal investment.

We can provide Harness Sdelections based on request. We would tailor a plan for you as well as would require the track you desire.

Dear Roger, Fortunately we hear that all the time. But Just email us on Friday night and we will send you Saturdays Selections. The problem is so many people ask for the plays free to try, that when we give the same horses out for free, then you have hundreds of people betting the same horse or horses and the odds are affected especially at the smaller tracks. Last, we reserve our TOP SELECTIONS for our paid members. You may want to consider trying our 2 week special for $50.00. In 2 weeks that price will change to $120.00 Read more…

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