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Even if it had been a typical offseason, the Thunder would have been regarded as prime title contenders (and heavy favorites to repeat as Northwest Division champs) based on their unique blend of playoff-tested young talent and near-complete roster stability. But with the turmoil generated by the lo… read more

Keeping Nene cements a solid future for George Karl’s team, which should now weather some overseas defections and build on the selfless offense and swarming defense that keyed its unexpected spurt after the Carmelo Anthony trade. In addition to re-signing their multitalented big man (and capab… read more

After more than 20 years as the NBA’s most stable and predictable franchise, the Jazz are suddenly a team without an identity in the wake of last season’s departures by Jerry Sloan and Deron Williams. The fallout from trading Williams has left the roster unbalanced. The frontcourt is ove… read more

The Timberwolves may not be good again this season, but this club should be exciting and is starting to add major potential talent. Don’t underestimate the rebuilding job ahead: Minnesota has averaged 19.5 wins the last four seasons. New coach Rick Adelman confers instant credibility and rooki… read more

Greg Oden’s chronic knee woes have put his season in jeopardy again — familiar fare for a team that has had more talent sapped by injuries than any other club over the past two years. Oden’s legs aren’t the only risk factor. There is Marcus Camby’s age, Gerald Wallace… read more

This looks like the Heat’s year, based on their development throughout last season and the addition of Battier, who has made a career of enhancing chemistry wherever he has played. Expect the drama of 2010-11 to be reduced substantially as the talent continues to blend constructively. As long … read more

This team’s identity is in doubt amid speculation of Dwight Howard’s departure, whether as a free agent next summer or to one of the three teams on his list of potential trade partners during the season. The Magic are hoping to convince Howard to stay and that their defense and a full se… read more

Atlanta would have all the makings of an excellent second-tier contender with All-Star talent at several positions and no contributor who is on the wrong side of his peak years. But last year the Hawks lapsed to a disappointing 48 wins, raising doubts about their ability to overcome their underdog s… read more

The Wizards are rebuilding in a promising way around second-year point guard John Wall and rookie big man Vesely, who will need time to adjust. Former All-Star forward Rashard Lewis can provide interim help as this team grows patiently through the draft while maintaining cap space for next summer an… read more

By next summer the Bobcats will have escaped most of their bad contracts and can begin to rebuild. In the meantime, this promises to be a harsh year for a team that lacks scoring, as well as size. The best hope here is for an assertive rookie season from rookie point guard Kemba Walker and a long-aw… read more

With 37 minutes gone, and with Ajax leading 1-0 thanks to Gregory Van Der Wiel’s goal, a team’s supporter ran… Read more…

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