The Ultimate Roulette Strategies – Grab Your Copy For FREE!

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The Ultimate Roulette Strategies - Grab Your Copy For FREE!If you’ve been searching for the holy grail of roulette systems then right now you should be congratulating yourself because you have just made it to the most important roulette site on the net! In our opinion The Ultimate Roulette Strategies are the deadliest and most profitable roulette systems ever devised. These two systems will blow you away with their ease of use, ability to be memorised and most importantly you cannot fail to be impressed by how much profit they make.

Grab your copy right away by filling in the form below! THIS IS FREE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD – SO HURRY!

The first part to this package will show you how you can make a set profit target from virtually every single session you play. We initially tested this roulette method over 20 separate sessions and never once failed to reach our target of £100 using £10 stakes. In other words we made £2,000 from these test sessions. Not bad when you consider that an average session was just 30-40 spins!

Concentrating on the outside boxes this roulette system is anything but clichéd; it uses a unique method to derive selections and as such it gives itself a virtual 99.8% chance of success. With such a high percentage on our side it was no wonder that we made superb regular profits during the test sessions. What’s more, we continue to use this system regularly to pull in profits week in week out!

Another really important element is the fact that the amount of bankroll needed to operate this method is around 30 units. This means that if you were aiming for £5 per cycle you would only need an initial £150 bankroll. If you were aiming to win £20 per cycle then you would need £600. We found that the most comfortable place to start was to aim for £10 per cycle, then once you have built up your bank balance you can then think about increasing stakes so that eventually you are playing with profit money only; a much happier scenario.

Actually most people get to the stage where they are using profit money only very quickly. Some will do it within 1 session but most will break it down to either 2 or 3 sessions with each session being around 30 spins. So in reality this can be done very quickly, within 1 or 2 hours depending on the spin rate – and of course, once you do reach the 30 point profit mark you are moving beyond any risk whatsoever.

Grab your copy right away by filling in the form below! THIS IS FREE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD – SO HURRY!

Hello Simon – Many thanks for sending. Loved the concept and couldn’t wait to try it out on my previous cards. On the cards I have checked so far I have had very surprising results. The even money chances never went beyond 2 losses and the dozens have also been very impressive with great profits! I am still checking many more cards but still no losers! Thanks again, Mark.

Remember, couple Part 1 with Part 2 and you have the perfect roulette systems package! In our opinion these two roulette systems will be the only roulette systems you will ever need.

* we used a little technique on this second session to boost profits – this is… Read more…

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