The Racing Tipsters – Professional Horse Racing Tips Service.

Introduction by ebook's author:

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The Racing Tipsters - Professional Horse Racing Tips Service.There’s something you should know:: It’s easy to fake Betfair screen shots, all you need to do is Google “Make fake Betfair screen shots” and you’ll see there is a site that makes them for you, if you see Betfair screen shots on a site that’s NOT proof.

To be honest I’m also fed up of so called betting “experts” just showing us videos of them logging in to their bank account when we all know it’s their business bank account they’re logged in to.

All The savvy people in the betting community know these people are just showing you videos of the money they are making from selling rehashed ebooks, Ha, maybe they’ll even throw in an excel spreadsheet for “good luck”…

Aren’t you sick of the so called betting “Experts” and all their BS claims? Well I’ve personally checked out many of their products and 99% where just a load of crap (see diagram above):

The time has come for things to change, those other phony betting system sites are wasting your time and money, they simply do not have the solutions you need to make real long term profits from betting.

Lets cut all that, read on to discover exactly why this will be the one and only racing tips service you will ever need. It will only take 5 minutes, I promise.

Now listen up: I’ve got my hands on £2551.40 Worth of Premium Racing Tips, that I’m going to pass on to you for a fraction of the cost.

Access to this information will be strictly limited to just 250 members (No, that’s not a phoney gimmick – We need to protect prices fluctuating and effecting our future profits) so I urge you to click here now to secure your membership.

For too long tipsters have ripped off punters by charging in excess of £1000 a year to get their professional opinion… Now it doesn’t take a genius to work out you are going to need a pretty damn good tipster just to make your subscription fee back… Let alone any profits!

We are keeping our fees rock-bottom to ensure that the punter gets the very best information at a fair price for once, a price that will ensure you too can make good profit at any stakes.

I know seems crazy doesn’t it, but think about it. How much have you really made from your gambling efforts so far? And how much have these so called betting “experts” made you?

Now finally you can forget about all the failures of the past and concentrate on a prosperous future and be part of the elite 0.9% of the population who do make a profit and a good one at that from betting online..

What makes us different from other horse racing services is that we use professional tips from expert handicappers who have been betting on racing for tens of years and have studied every aspect of racing to ensure they always make a profit in the long term.

Now some of you know I already provide football tips and have done pretty well for several years now, let me tell you it is tough to make a profit in the long term.

I set out trying to find the best horse racing cash machine and I always knew… Read more…

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