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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Tennis Profit BotThis site will be taken down immediately upon the 500 subscriber limit being met. I wish we could take on more members but protecting the ’golden goose’ is far more important for the creators of this system. There isn’t a day that goes by where our private little group doesn’t pinch themselves to see if it’s all just a dream. Who would have ever thought that a successful group of Wall Street professionals and tech geeks could combine forces to produce an automated money machine using…TENNIS MATCHES??!!

As you are reading this our Tennis Profit Bot is scouring the net reviewing upcoming matches by calculating and filtering data to find the gems that members will get by clicking the software Activation Button. Hundreds of calculations are now done in minutes! The best part is that we have investment opportunities 24/7 due to the number of tournaments being played across the globe.

Traditional investment and retirement vehicles are no longer the ‘king of the hill’. Some 401k’s and brokerage accounts have lost 40% or more over the last few years. The curtain is finally being pulled back on all the TV big wigs and stock pushers.

Everyone knows that the real ‘gambling arena’ is taking place behind closed doors with investors hard earned money. Does anybody still believe that mutual funds and some old stodgy blue chip stocks will set you up for a nice long retirement? Give it a rest!!

Here is the stone cold truth about the difference between the corporate investment ‘thieves’ on Wall Street and the sports trading business:

The Tennis Profit Bot system does not rely on crazy progressions or some ‘dollar cost averaging’ garbage that requires you to continue to throw good money after losses. With a historical five year track record with a 75% or higher win rate it is not necessary.

“This is not some coin flip ‘crystal ball’ indicator like so many being packaged for the newbie FOREX and stock crowd.”

If you are interested in the rush associated with playing roulette or the lottery then this opportunity might not be for you.

We are strictly using tennis as a cash flow vehicle without any desire for ‘action’ or entertainment.

The original developers of the math behind the Tennis Profit Bot have used and tweaked the formula for over five years. Most of these guys are placing multiple sports book wagers on each selection for thousands of dollars. They have built up serious bankrolls that can withstand the occasional loss. It also helps that they have experienced results such as these…

How much MORE cash could have been made if the original group had the automated Tennis Profit Bot software working 24/7??

The beauty of tennis investing is that you don’t have to be Donald Trump to get involved. You can start with a small bankroll and then increase your flat wagers every time a new milestone is reached. No need to stress about uncontrollable losing streaks or any SINGLE TRADE wiping out your account like FOREX.

We provide video tutorials and manuals that explain the simple money management techniques that put a small safe percentage of your capital to work each day. Rare losing streaks are easily made up with consecutive winners of 4, 6 or 8 in a row! Read more…

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