Stable Secrets

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Stable SecretsFormer Stable Hand Seeks Revenge On Employer By Stealing And Revealing Winning Horse Racing System That Rakes In $8,689.56 Per Month!

Me too, that’s why when I was first approached by the Stable hand, Michael, I told him where to go.

We arranged to meet at a Café the following day and his story is truly incredible and the results are shocking!

Michael showed me winning betting slips he’d made just that day, he’d won a massive £1,703 in just 3 bets!

Hi, my name is Richard Seels, I am a professional reviewer in the betting market on many blogs and online forums and today I proudly present you with my #1 horse racing betting system.

I have been in the betting circle for many years, trialling, testing and reviewing 100’s of betting systems, I refuse to give a product a false review and tarnish my reputation.

We all know there’s no such thing as a ‘Dead Cert’ or a ‘Sure Thing’ when it comes to betting and if you don’t then I’m sorry to tell you this just does not exist.

You can dramatically improve your odds of winning with this NEW, NEVER SEEN BEFORE WINNING SYSTEM, that turned a former, minimum wage stable hand into a 4 figure a week successful online gambler!

We’ve all come across, heard about or bought so called ‘betting systems that really do work!’

This is why when I met Michael I asked if he’d had anyone else use the system. He admitted he’d helped a few friends out and gave them the system for free.

I decided to put Michael right on the spot there and then and asked him to call his friends and put the phone on speaker so I could hear and ask them about the system.

“When Michael told me about his system I was a little sceptical, I had heard about these systems before and assumed it wouldn’t work, but it did! I’m not a huge betting man but I do make a lot of extra cash from this system. I tend to stick to £5 to £10 bets but still make a few hundred pounds per week”

“I’ve known Michael for 5 years, we often made weekend bets mainly for fun, we won some and we lost some but now we just win! I tried to convince him not to go public with this system and keep it between us but I know his reasons and I respect them”

“I’ve been using Michael’s system for 4 weeks now and I can’t believe the results, I place 1 or 2 bets every couple of days and I’m making a healthy profit, some times as much as £2,000 per week. I can confidently say that this will be my full time income from now”

I’ve been testing various betting systems for years and have made a reasonable amount of money from the few that work, these systems paid my bills and kept a roof over my head but Stable Secrets has given me much more.

This is my Range Rover Sport; I paid for this in full with money I won from just 20 bets using the Stable Secrets System!

The reason I’m showing you this is because I want you to see just how powerful this new betting system is. Read more…

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