Sports Handicapping Service Reviews

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Sports Handicapping Service ReviewsI started noticing this new sports monitor among a few services that were brought to my attention, mainly because the services they monitor all had winning records.

Handicappers Eye,, has an unique setup unlike any other sports service. They charge their clients to monitor them, but also offer a free service. If the service pays them, the monitor, Handicappers Eye, allows that service to show up on the site for everyone to view. If a service uses this monitor for free, this service will NOT show up on the monitor. This service will simply be supplied with a back door link for their clients only, and no exposure on the website.

As of right now the monitor only has 3-5 services paying them, and are showing up on their site to the public. To the naked eye when you only see a few services on a monitor, you have to think scam. But that’s why I am here and writing this great review for Handicappers Eye.

They only monitor the best services out there, and DO NOT mishandle any services record. All the records are legitimate that are posted on the website.

I had the services they monitor, send me their picks VIA email for a whole month. After that month passed I went back and examined all of the picks on the monitor and with what I was supplied with from the services.

I strongly agree, if you are serious about sports betting, to use what ever service is on Handicappers Eye. This monitor is the next best thing among all monitors, and in time will be number on the Internet today.

This place is by far the most unique NHL handicapping service I have ever encountered. I had the privilege to receive their picks for a week, and they went on an incredible run of 6-2 +$1,250

They are monitored with, which is the next best sports monitor on the internet today. This monitor has about 50 clients on board, but I predict by this time next year they will be the number one monitor, with over 500 clients.

Lasy year in the 2011 NHL Playoffs, Pucking Hockey wrote articles on each matchup in each series, and they almost went damn near perfect. They even predicted the NHL Stanley Cup winner, how many games it would take, and the final game total!

If you are a hockey fan and looking to follow a NHL handicapper, I recommend that you use These guys do more than just pick winners for you. They have updated NHL Starting Goalies everyday, Funny NHL News, and much more!

I received an email from XXX asking about This person wants to know why there is a site called Vincente Sports and another called Avvincente Sports.

First, first post on their site was posted on April 14th, 2011. Now the same content is on BUT all of the content was posted on May 2nd, 2011. AFTER the original site, wrote the content.

I recommended that Vincente Sports, files a copy right infringement. But we will see what they decide to do. They said maybe after football season, they seem to be very busy handing out winners.

Second, Vincente Sports seems… Read more…

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