Snooker Trading Made Simple

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Snooker Trading Made SimpleThere is one market on Betfair that is not often talked about and offers untapped profits that are just waiting to be taken. This market is snooker and just a handful of people know the strategies used to exploit it.

My name is Sammy Chim and I’m the owner of the popular Betfair Trading tutorial website,

Learning to trade in a new market can be costly and time-consuming process. Mistakes can be expensive and most people do not have the time it takes to develop, refine and test strategies from scratch.

Instead of having to slave away on Betfair analysing stats and staying up to 2am in the morning to come up with a successful strategy, I have developed the perfect solution for you.

“Snooker Trading Made Simple” provides you with the exact methods I use to create green screens and profit opportunities on the snooker markets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Creating win-win situations as shown in the screenshots above will become devastingly simple using the step-by-step methods in the trading manual.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to turn a bet where you could make a loss into a guaranteed profit, no matter who wins the match.

The screenshot below shows how I started by placing a £50 bet on Mark Selby and then placed another bet to turn it into a green screen (no loss situation) where I would win £15.20 if Mark Selby won the match, and lose nothing if Ronnie O Sullivan won.

After this, I placed another bet to balance the profit between the two players so that no matter who won, I would have a guaranteed profit of £11.40 or £10.98. These basics along with easy-to-apply advanced methods to create profit situations will be revealed in the trading manual in great detail.

Fortunately, I do not have a problem with revealing a lot of my trading methods. I do this because I do not rely solely on them for my income as I also run a business unconnected to Betfair. In fact, if I was so afraid of letting everyone know I made money on Betfair, I would not have created and provided free trading tutorials for the past 4 years!

Many regular readers at my trading tutorial site will know how I enjoy helping people out with their trading by answering their emails in a timely manner. One reader even tracked down my phone number to call me for some help with trading!

I was in your position once and this is my way of helping people out because trading on Betfair provided me with the money I needed to start my own business. And with my help, I am confident that it can help achieve your dreams too.

To control the use of my methods, there will be a price attached to the product and only 50 copies will be available. This will control the saturation of the methods and also protect buyers, which is my main concern. As everyone will not enter the same positions at the same time and at the same odds, this should be adequate protection.

Unlike other Betfair systems, this trading manual will be continually updated and newly discovered methods will be sent out as updates. New… Read more…

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