Smarter Bet Pro v2.0

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Smarter Bet Pro v2.0“Thirteen Years Of Betting For A Living – And I Have Never Seen A System That Works This Well!’

You Do Not Need To Know Anything About Horse Racing Or Sports Betting To Be Successful With My Software!

- Why Not Check It Out RISK FREE? – I’m Sure That It Will Make A “Believer” Out Of You Too!

There Are One Or Two Pieces Of Software On The Market That “Appear” To Do Similar Things To Mine, – Let Me Assure You That They Have Nowhere Near The Functionality (Or Price) Of Smarter Bet Pro v2.0!

“I Firmly Believe That The ONLY WAY To Beat The Bookmaker Consistently Is With A Mathematical Approach – Bookmakers Use Mathematics To Ensure Their Profit – Now It’s Our Turn”!

1) Calculate How Much Money You Need To Stake In Order To Win A Set Amount “Per Race” – This Is The Same “100% Win” System That You Often See Advertised Online, Previous Losing Bets Are Taken Into Account When Making Calculations – See My Examples Below.

2) Calculate The Amount That You Need To Stake In Order To Win A Set Amount “Per Sequence” (Also suitable for “Stop At A Winner” Calculations) – Again, This Is Another “100% Win” System – See My Examples Below. (This Is The New Feature Added To v1.0 To Make It v2.0)

3) Allow You To Choose Whether You Bet In Fractional Or Decimal Odds, So It Is Suitable For Worldwide Use – In ANY Sporting Event Where You Know Beforehand The Price (Odds) For Your Selection. Please Note That This Software Is Unsuitable For “Pool” Type Betting – Where You Only Know How Much You Have Won After The Event.

4) Allow You To Choose Whether The Stake In The Software Shows Pounds, Euros or Dollars – This Is Just For Aesthetic Purposes, It Will Obviously Work With Other Currencies Too.

6) Allow You To Use The Built In Online Links – Including Access To Hundreds Of Free Systems – These Include Various Gambling, Racing & Casino Systems – These Items Alone Would Cost You A Fortune If You Were To Buy Them In The Normal Manner. (You Will Not Need The Racing Systems Once You Have My Software – But They Make Interesting Reading).
8) Be A Self Contained Software Programme – Not Based On An Excel Spreadsheet – Like So Many Still Are!

9) Be Extremely Simple To Operate – I Provide Full Comprehensive Instructions (But It’s So Simple, You Shouldn’t Need Them)

“Best system available!! It works great. 13 Wins the first day tested. $$$$$$$$$ – July 8th 2010.

I had been betting on the horses full time since I stopped working as a Car Salesman in August 1997. There were good days and there were bad days, I could never seem to make consistent profits and “really” get ahead – I would win a decent amount one day and give it all back the next.

This scenario changed dramatically due of a piece of software that I bought in 2004, (which was based on an Excel Spreadsheet) my success grew astronomically – and because the main principal behind the spreadsheet works, I decided to commission a windows based software programme which is a lot more professional and user friendly – and also removes the severe limitations that the spreadsheet software had.

My editorial here refers to… Read more…

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