Sink or Swim Sports Betting

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Sink or Swim Sports BettingYes, it’s for real. The so called experts just didn’t tell you how to do it because they didn’t want you to know about it. At last, your dream could become a reality with these 3 simple steps…

You did your part. You tried out some of the top handicappers picks, you placed some bets online, but things didn’t happen as expected did they?

And yet, you KNOW a few are getting rich from sports betting by pushing a button. You see them in coffee shops with their backs to the wall, smiling at their laptops. I should know, I’m one of them…

I was about to take the rest of the week off as usual, but something compelled me to grab another coffee and write you this letter. They say writing all your frustrations down eases them. Maybe so, but I just want to be able to sleep soundly tonight…

Can we talk for a few minutes? Right here I’m going to reveal what they’ve been hiding and how just 3 steps has made me enough money to retire within a year…

Hi, my name’s Chris Wales. (I’ll be upfront right now and tell you it’s a pseudonym. You see there’s a lot at stake here and by naming names…

When you’re in the know about something- like I am about making easy money betting on sports – you can see right through all the nonsense and how it’s manipulating people. And as you know there’s plenty of that out there!

Well, I can’t sit by any longer and watch the lies and disinformation. I have to expose their smoke and mirrors because it’s blinding you from the true money-machine that sports betting could be in the right hands.

What’s more, they don’t need to misdirect you because there’s enough for us all out here!

Look, I’ll cut to the chase. You know when you’ve wandered down a blind-alley, don’t you?

It’s okay to admit it. You see, ‘they’ know you want to claim your share of the sports betting pie. That’s why you’ve been bombarded with ads offering so-called ‘can’t lose’ picks and other lame schemes. There’s no shortage of sports betting ‘gurus’ offering to guide you to easy cash is there? Maybe you’ve tried some of these things, maybe you haven’t, but in any case I’ll bet you aren’t happy with the results…!

You know, in the great Gold Rush the people who made the most money weren’t the miners. No, it was the merchants providing mining equipment to them!

Nothing wrong with that of course, but what those miners really needed was a map which showed them where to dig.

Of course, if those merchants had such a map they’d keep it for themselves wouldn’t they?

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I’ve seen one too many silly ads for “can’t lose sports picks” and “unbeatable sports betting systems.” I suppose that’s one reason why I’ve decided to break this unofficial code of silence that too many of the sports investors seem to stick to.

We sit by and watch so many of the dumb schemes being promoted but we all know a dark truth… and I’ll share it with you right here. You see, I’m in the sports betting business- something I’ll… Read more…

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