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Rich Allens Picks“Discover The Explosive Sports Betting Secrets That Win Me 64% Of All My System Bets – PhD Mathematician Creates Winning Formula!”

The Single Boldest Guarantee in Sports Betting – My System is 100% Risk Free: I Am So Confident In My # 1 Rated Sports Betting System That I Will Give You My Picks For 30 Days For Free!!

My name is Rich Allen and I worked at an offshore sportsbook for 8 years. I used to see bets fly across my screen for $5,000, $10,000, even $50,000 and I saw guys that could win consistently betting on sports. One thing they all had in common was a system.

Before that, I had been betting on sports and Losing. I would bet with my gut, which usually meant betting on my favorite team. I would win a few, but just as fast, I would lose it right back. You know the feeling. Year after year, I would lose money like crazy and I would spend the rest of the year living like a peasant making up for my gambling losses. It was Hell!!!!

Moving back home I knew what I had to do, so I went looking for someone to help me. 5 Years Ago I met a Russian PhD who taught statistics at a local university. He told me he could predict winners at least 65% of the time. This guy had never even watched an NFL game.

So the next week we meet for coffee. He hands me a sheet of paper with a list of 9 teams. These teams, he told me, would be the winning bets on the weekend. Then he handed me another sheet of 5 teams. This list was the teams to avoid betting on no matter what. I hate to admit it but 5 of the teams I planned to bet on were on the “Do Not Bet” list of my Russian PhD friend. I thought, “This guy has no clue,” and my ego wasn’t going to let some egghead tell me how to bet. I probably don’t have to tell you that 4 of my 5 picks lost that weekend. And 7 of his 9 picks won.

They All Laughed When I Said I was Going to Win 64% of My Football Bets. But When The Winnings Started Coming…

Almost every program has some missing link which is why I couldn’t win consistently. But then it hit like lightning… I paid the professor and a group of his colleagues thousands of dollars (most of my life savings) to analyze every outcome in the NFL for the last 15 years. While the data he came up with was relatively simple, it was amazing. There were some commonalities, and if you had the discipline to stick to what the numbers showed, you would win: Just like the MIT blackjack team, the star stock traders, or the few sports bettors in the world who can make a living doing this…. In fact… some of my friends wanted me to do for them what I had done for myself. And I did just that… I began helping my friends follow my new formula for winning football bets…

And guess what? They each had the same kind of phenomenal results that I did. I knew I was onto something very new, very real, and VERY exciting. And now, I’d like to share the same techniques with… Read more…

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