Racing By The Points

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Racing By The PointsAre you on the information treadmill and still “manually” trawling over Race Cards and “manually”allocating points to handicap each horse?

You have a race card in front of you and you wish to handicap each horse by applying pointing levels to various criteria.

For example: 5 points to each horse which won last race. 3 points to each horse which came in 2nd in its last race. 2 points to each horse which came in 3rd in its last race. 1 point to each horse which came in 4th in its last race. 3 points to a horse if it is a Course & Distance winner. 2 points to a horse if it is a Distance winner. 1 point to a horse if it is a Course winner.

To be blunt…. handicapping horse races for profit using this long-winded approach is a difficult and tedious task.

Racing By The Points has been written with the aim of providing you with a flexible pointing platform which you can use against selected criteria for UK Mainland races.

With so many horse racing systems in the marketplace having rigid rules non of them are going to work with every type of race. Racing By The Points has been set-up with default settings but the idea is for you to be empowered to set-up your own library of settings to use against the type(s) of race you follow.

► Select Race from Racing Post using browser within our software. ► Click Prepare Forecast ► View Forecast

Initially, the forecast will be calculated based on Default Point Settings but if you have created a more suitable pointing level which you have saved in your library you can quickly recalculate the forecast by selecting the pointing level required.

With any handicapping/pointing system of this nature you will require a core level of criteria to work with to enable comparisons to be made between horses and Racing By The Points will provide you with a generous assortment to use; these are shown in the diagram below:

Hi Ken Thanks for the useful update! I have been using your RBTP software for the last 25 days and can report that it has been very helpful in making my selections. Using your default settings is a very good starting place, and place-backing the toprated with a few simple filters I am showing 16 points profit currently. I love the simplicity of the one-click ratings, combined with the capacity for almost endless tweaking of the settings. Great product! Any chance of a users’ forum at some stage? best wishes Theo

Racing By The Points looks to be the most sensible piece of software out there for rating a field of runners, because it is completely configurable by the user to just about every type of race. Each course has unique characteristics that require different ratings applied to the same criteria for all races. This type of software has been a long time coming.

On a side note I have tried a number of horse racing software applications and I must admit I think racing by the points is one of the best that I have tried. Probably the best reason being I can set all the parameters for what I want it to do myself, it works a treat, it is relatively easy to… Read more…

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