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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Pro Betting SystemsIn these current times of the ‘global credit crunch’, it’s time that you started profiting from your online betting.

Read on for the opportunity to buy this once in a life-time publication, where just one of the included (18) successful systems could bring your betting bank to a whole new level!

Malcolm and I have been making our living in the online betting industry for a good few years now, and over this time we have seen some good, some bad, and some downright ugly (and expensive) publications that get released about betting systems/methods etc.

Having published some (hopefully good) systems ourselves, and seeing/knowing some of the good ones out there, what we decided to do was to put together a unique publication for you that would become your own personal betting arsenal, and perhaps the only resource that you would ever need to refer to to make money betting online.

We were getting fed up (and I bet you were too) with some of the cheap and cheerful publications that were getting churned out (it seemed) every other week. It seemed that not a week would go by without your email inbox being bombarded with the latest offer for “Betfair Trading Storm Cash Machine Impact Project X” or some other cleverly marketed publication that looked good on the outside, but offered little new on the inside.

That’s why we decided to put together Pro Betting Systems for you. In the current economic climate, where every penny counts, we didn’t want to put together for you just another ‘standard’ e-book publication, but one that could really help out you, the frustrated punter, and get your betting bank moving in the right direction.

We’re talking about a reference here that once you have purchased it, might become the only information product that you will need to refer to to gain an edge with your online sports betting!

We believe that Pro Betting systems is the ultimate value publication for you – there is something in there for everyone, and the choice of systems (from a combination of great authors) is enormous.

We’ve got together for you 14 of the online betting industry’s top ‘gurus’, and got them to spill the beans to you, contributing (at least) one of their own personal systems / methods that they currently use to profit from online betting. You’ll be able to use these same systems yourself!

We approached all of these guys with a simple set of criteria for our ‘publication’ – “What system/method would you use if you had to start again with just one way of making money from online betting?”

These guys are betting professionals, they know a lot of the betting industries inside secrets, and if you saw what some of them earn just from their own betting, you’d be amazed!

So, for the first time ever, 14 of the betting industry’s most respected authors and professional gamblers have come together in one publication to pass on to you their secret systems / methods for you to profit from online sports betting!

Here’s a complete run-down (in no particular order of importance) of all the contributors to this unique publication that you’ll get (what an amazing line-up!)

Is football (soccer) your thing? Maybe it is horse racing? Anyone for tennis? There are enough… Read more…

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