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Poker Training - Poker CoachingCreated by a Group of Las Vegas Pros, This New Success Blueprint Works for both Online and Offline Poker and is Considered the Best in Poker Coaching

If you would like to finally start making money CONSISTENTLY playing poker, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

That means only 10% of players take home cash and actually profit when they play. Odds are you fall somewhere in this 90% range. Which is okay.

If you are one of these 90%ers then you’ll want to keep reading. Why? Because my team of Las Vegas poker pro’s and I have come up with a revolutionary training formula that is proven to take 90%ers and turn them into winners fast.

My name is Phillip D and I make great money playing poker. I currently average $103 – $220 per hour in profits. I’ve successfully trained hundreds of players in how to win playing short-handed sit-n-go’s. You can see my site at Don’t go there now cause what I’m about to show you is way more important!

While I have experience in a niche where my students and I make great money I recently discovered even a better way to teach players winning strategies, techniques and skill sets resulting in better players that win more and win more easily and more consistently.

Before I started playing poker I was a working stiff like everyone else. I worked in sales and corporate training. While it was a good living and all that it wasn’t ideal. However, I wouldn’t change that experience for the world.

No matter what the subject, especially something like poker, whenever you partake in a training program it is nearly impossible to learn and actually retain more than 1-2 ideas or new skills at a time.

So when you invest in a poker training program or playing system what usually happens? They offer so much information, bonuses, etc to build the value that it’s overwhelming and most of the time you don’t even come close to getting through all of it much less actually applying the principles in the program itself.

That’s why most training programs and systems fail! Because you simply can’t get through all the information.

Don’t get me wrong. Adding a ton of value is good and important. After all, you want your money’s worth when you invest in a new program or system. However, the value is eliminated when so much information is dumped on you that you can’t take advantage of it.

What we’ve done is develop a ground-breaking training program that is designed to maximize learning. It takes huge pieces of information and breaks them down into bite sized chunks so you can learn and retain the critical elements you need to know to make you a better player.

No longer will you ever feel overwhelmed. No longer will you ever feel that you don’t know where to start or what to implement first.

That’s the key. To be successful you must be able to take action on what you’ve learned. You CAN NOT take action on 95 things at once. You can only take action on a single-focused objective. Then you need to test it and tweak it to your unique playing style. By providing you with one specific strategy at… Read more…

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