Online Sports Betting Tips For Arbitrage Betting

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Online Sports Betting Tips For Arbitrage BettingIf you are completely new to placing guaranteed winning Sports Bets, continue reading the lesson below:

Did you know that Professional Gamblers place their bets, secure in the knowledge that they are 100% sure that their bet will win? Does this statement surprise you? It should because in the next 60 seconds you may discover something that could change your life…

Up until very recently, a small band of investors, (we have to call them investors because gambling doesn’t really come into it) have been quietly profiting big time!

Through understanding a little professional inside information, it’s now possible for the average man to do the same. Here are some example’s how:

Remember the US Presidential Elections? Who could forget. Nobody knew for sure which candidate, Bush or Gore was going to win, including the bookmakers.

Did you know that it was possible to place a bet on both candidates with different bookmakers on one particular day to cash in regardless of who won? Here’s how it was done:

So, we bet 800 on each candidate, a total of 1,600 but our return was 2,000 regardless of the outcome. A Guaranteed 400! Profit!

Of course, you wont have to bet 800 on every bet you place. You can wager as much or as little as you wish to suit your budget.

Note – If at any point during this tutorial, you are uncertain of our maths or methods, please feel free to e-mail the G.G.S team with any questions that you may have and we shall endeavour to help you out within 24hrs. Contact G.G.S

Well, bookmakers are not infallible. Unless they are Psychic or own a Crystal Ball, they too have to use professional judgement to predict the outcome of events before setting the odds to be offered to clients. Quite often, bookmakers from differing countries will have slightly differing opinions. Here’s a common example:

Take a high profile Boxing match between a USA Boxer and a well respected British Boxer. What often happens is that in the United States, the big bucks will go down on the US fighter and in England a disproportionate amount of money will be laid on the British fighter. The result is that US bookmakers would now offer better and longer odds for the British Boxer, while the bookmakers in England would be moving towards having better odds on the US fighter.

In this example professionals, if the odds were correct, would now look to place one bet with the English bookmakers on the US fighter and one bet on the British Boxer with the US bookmakers. Whichever boxer wins, a profit is taken 100% of the time.

You can bet risk free on any Sporting Event that has only two or three outcomes. The events listed below are the majority of Sports that we bet risk free on:

Once you know how, you will find Zero Risk Online Sports Betting opportunities most days. There are now up to 100+ Zero Risk bets a day! You just need to know what to look for and be ready to act when you find it.

Remember, the Internet has brought the worlds bookmakers to your doorstep and betting on-line with various reputable companies now means that you too can make a living or at least a substantial second income from… Read more…

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