Online Poker Strategy

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Online Poker StrategyDuring the next few hours, hundreds of bad players are going to lose thousands of dollars playing online poker.

Once properly armed, online poker is easy pickin’s. Play part-time and make hundreds per week, or become a full-time professional and make thousands weekly.

“Brilliant. The tournament section blew me away. I just won a small tournament and outplayed the 2nd place player badly. I swear I would not have won two days ago, before reading this book.”

The handful of major online poker rooms who are committed to the U.S. player market have predictably become the largest gathering places on earth for poker. On any given day there are tens of thousands of players, and the overwhelming majority of them are losing money.

Who are they losing it to? The relatively few players who know how to employ a winning game plan. You can be one of them!

Of course, not everybody has what it takes to become a winning poker player (thank goodness). No book, not even this one, can make you profitable just by reading it. You are actually going to have to use your head for something other than a hat rack and apply the information you learn with discipline & sound risk management. Results are not typical and luck is a factor, so play at your own risk. Check your local laws to see if online poker is legal where you live.

My friends, this is for real. How to Shake the Online Poker MoneyTree is a complete instruction manual that is 100% Guaranteed to show you:

…and much more! This manual is content-rich and covers every aspect of what it takes to beat today’s online poker games for a consistent, dependable income. You won’t be disappointed, as your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

“Using the No Limit Hold’em cash-game instructions in this book, I ran a $600 deposit into over $8,000 in the $50 No Limit games, just by playing a few hours per week in the evenings.”

How to Shake the Online Poker Money Tree was written by a real professional online poker player who knows all the tricks of the trade:

My name is Andrew. I play online poker very seriously. I actually depend on the income I make from winning.

But it wasn’t always like this! Although I was a good player, I remember back when I used to have trouble winning consistently online. Eventually I figured out what I was doing wrong, made the proper adjustments to my game plan, and finally started booking steady profits.

A short while after that, I discovered a few tricks that really maximized my winnings. That’s when my income increased to where I could actually make a living from playing cards on my computer. Most of the things I did to get where I am now boil down to:

It’s not all that hard to do, but you must know what to do and practice doing it for a while; then you can pretty much turn it on auto-pilot. Fortunately for you, I have written an easy-to-follow but very in-depth instruction manual that can be used to duplicate my results!

If you are anything like me, you are going to play anyway, so you might as well play optimally and start winning.

Would you like to… Read more…

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