Online Poker Strategy – Play Online Poker As A Business

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Online Poker Strategy - Play Online Poker As A BusinessMy name is Kim Birch, also known as “KB” and the “Danish Dragon”. Since 2001 I have been earning an annual six-figure income playing online no-limit Texas Hold’em Poker in both Cash games and online poker tournaments.

Take a look at one of my MASSIVE withdrawals,over £22,000 / $35,000 is being pumped into my bank every month from playing poker!

Well listen up: If you are tired of the BS and are ready to learn how to really play online poker professionally, then stick around, because I’m about to reveal the truth on how to turn your online poker play into a successful business that curns $10,000′s into your bank account every month!

It’s not a coincidence that you got to this page. You’re here to change your online poker skills and take the next step in becoming a full-time, successful poker player.

One Month From Today You Will Be Making $10,000′s a Month Playing Online Poker As A Business With The Skills Of A Poker Pro!

Advanced Poker Moves And Strategies That Will Let You To Take The Pots, Even From Professional Players!

How to read players in online poker just like an open book and steal their money while they ponder about what just happened!

Most poker players never learn the REAL SECRETS and techniques for playing professional online no-limit Texas Hold’em Poker.

They may learn a few tricks or two on TV from the World Series of Poker… or maybe they think they know how to read a ‘poker face’ from their Saturday night home games with friends and neighbours… but there are literally HUNDREDS of winning secrets and methods that YOU can use to gain an advantage at the online tables..

And speaking about the World Series Of Poker, did you know that more money and pots are shifting hands online before and after the big tournaments? This is where the real pros literally steal pocket-change from all the new poker players online dreaming about winning a seat to the World Series!

I Can Show You The Secrets To Winning But Do You Have The Discipline Needed To Be A Pro Online Poker Player?

My friend, discipline in poker means more than having rigorous starting requirements. It also means getting away from hands when you’re beat. If you can’t fold aces when you know, with every fiber of your being, that they’re just going to cost you bets upon bets, then you don’t have discipline. If pocket kings leave you vulnerable to the stealth ace, you don’t have common sense.

All you have is a feeling of entitlement, and this feeling, even if it’s justified (which it’s not), puts your focus on entitlement instead of perfect play. This can only hamper your perceptions, warp your decisions and degrade your results.

DRAG IN MORE POTS Both day and night you will win more pots and overall skyrocket your money earnings at the online poker tables!

Hello Kim, Since buying your eBook I have been crushing the NL $1/2 Hold’em tables at Bet365poker and will be moving up in limits this week! Toshi Japan

Dear Kim, I’ve been playing Hold ‘Em online for over a year. Read over 70 books on it. Watched a dozen videos. Practiced with software. Your e-book has information I’ve never seen anywhere else. Since using only… Read more…

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