Multi Bets and Dominator Plan

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Multi Bets and Dominator PlanYou’re doing yourself more harm than good! If you continue to bet with using this management software!

Multi Bets was original sold as and excel program, but now it is a web based software so it is much easier and simpler to use. You can run different series of Multi Bets, one for Sport, greyhounds, horses, it is up to you how many series of Multi Bets you want to run.

Multi Bets was designed and tested by John Pringle of Brisbane, Australia. This retired Geologist invented the entire program.

You made the right choice! Now you’re on your way to making the horses pay you! With this software and Dominator selection method, you have a secure plan to make money!

We are releasing a limited amount of these software packages with The Dominator and 80/20 Rule at the discounted price. Plus you will be getting and unlimited licence to use this software. But if you get in NOW you will have the licence for life! If you chose that option! WATCH THE MONEY ROLL IN!

This Multi Bets/ Dominator package is for people who start with a small bank and are bold enough to rally attack the bookmakers, Tote or Betfair to make fast profits.

The races and selections are identified by the Dominator Plan. However you can use the software on any of you betting if you wish.

This Dominator Selection Plan is desined for racing world wide. It can be easily used in any country..UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan or thoughout Europe.

Follow the steps outlined in the ebook and using Multi Bets Software we will have you up and earning constant money in no time at all. We recommend a small starting bank of less than $200

We do not advise any customer to risk large starting banks.. as it is not necessary with these tools.

Doncaster 2.40 Fullandy BFSP £5.16 Sandown Park 12.30 Scots Dragon £5.50 2.10 Nudge & Nurdle £5.07 2.45 LOST 3.20 Any Currency £7.40

Ffos Las 1.40 House of Bourbon £4.70 2.45 LOST 3.15 Factotum £3.85 3.50 Sydney Sling £5.00

Cheltenham 12.50 Pistolet Noir £5.10 1.55 Galant nuit £6.45 3.10 Lie Forrit £3.90 3.45 LOST Lingfield 1.30 Giuletta Da Vinci £3.68 3.05 LOST Uttoxeter 1.05 LOST 1.40 Loom £7.80 3.50 Laureldean River £6.40 Wolverhampton 7.20 Insolence £4.94 8.50 Clear Reef £5.40 9.20 Thunderstuck £5.00

Adelaide Race 3 Lost Race 6 LOST Race 7 Fastizio $5.90 Race 8 Ooleo $4.90 Perth Race 3 Stars Aligned $3.60

The ” Multi-Bets Full Information Book” will show you exactly how to use the Software. Step by step.

Hi Steve, I’m really impressed with this multibet software. With the ease of the staking I can now keep track of my winnings.To be honest I find it most profitable on the U.K dogs.With the small fields and realistic odd’s it’s not that hard to find great price winners and keep the bank growing. Thanks Heaps. Scott Morley Melbourne, Australia.

Just a quick note to inform you that i have doubled my bank in less than a week thanks to your ingenius MULTIBETS SOFTWARE PROGRAM. Multibets is great for the novice or experienced punter.The software comes with easy setup instructions and is great for punters who want to back more than one horse in a race.

I doubled my bank using the methods from the two ebooks ( dominator and 80/20) that came with Multibets but you can use your selections. Multibets… Read more…

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