Mass Profit Bets

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Mass Profit BetsWell read EVERY word of this letter to find out how you can achieve all of the above and much more…

I am going to give you my exact copy and paste methods that have enabled me to make crazy amounts of cash profits on Betfair… LIKE THIS

I have devised a formula that can easily achieve these level of profits and have decided to show you exactly how it is possible

The formula has been time tested and is a proven winner that has enabled me to make an astonishing average of £121,000 each year.

My winning formula is certainly not down to luck and neither are the profits a I regularly pull in a single day like this…

Well if you don’t like the idea of making obscene wealth for minimum effort, then it probably isn’t, However If you love money like I love money then your definetly in the right place…

I’m frustrated with all the lies I see, that constantly pop through my mailbox telling me about the latest scam to hit the market.

I say to hell with them… as I currently have my own winning formula that I have been using successfully for some time, and the best thing about my formula is that it is unique and constantly produces winning bets with ease.

That’s right… All the profits I generate are tax free which leaves me with even more money in my pocket unlike a boring 9 to 5 job…

Before I go into further detail on how you can also generate a substantial income from betting, let me introduce and tell you a little about myself, so you can understand who I am and why I am so well placed to show you how you can also kiss your job goodbye…

My name is David Howard… I am a former store security guard and am married with 4 children which consists of 3 girls and 1 boy

Before I got into Betfair trading, I was just a regular salary slave like the majority of people who was stuck in a dead end job and couldn’t see no way out except death or retirement…

All because of a stupid incident where I missed a shoplifter, who could have given David Blaine a run for his money

At the time is wasn’t a good thing and left me devastated, with a family to feed… but in the long run it worked out good and was the best thing that could have happened by a long shot…

For a while my life was in a rut and I’m ashamed to say that I turned into a gambler to battle my problems and my savings began to dwindle…

But then a friend introduced me to Betfair and shown me it was better to bet against another punter than the house…

Within 1 week I made £248… which was a weeks wage to me, and I realised there and then that if I approached this thing properly then I could earn the same amount in half the time with even less effort…

Now as you can imagine… word got around the betting circles of my success, and this is where I received an email from a random person asking if we could have a conference call..

This was my first contact with an… Read more…

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