Lucky Days Astrology Software for Gambling

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Lucky Days Astrology Software for GamblingA 30-year study of gambling and half that of astrology has revealed that there is a transit pattern that is often present in your planetary transits on winning and other lucky days.

A transit is an aspect a daily-moving planet makes to one in your birth chart. This particular transit pattern occurs when good transit arcs above a date line ‘spill over’ a final bad transit below the line. The day after the last bad transit can often be lucky. This software identifies these shapes in your daily transits. All of the planets, not only Jupiter and Venus, have been noted to cause wins.

The test was to see who would be better off after a 6-week period. During that time Dave took sports bets on two of the lucky days suggested by the program and won a total of UK 1050 Sterling (about $1600). His twin brother did not make any extra money during this time.

This research has shown that you CAN take advantage of good transits to win money and also that lucky days can come and go without you even being aware of them.

Trading in Stocks, Currencies, Futures & Forex. Make your moves at times when you have the backing of good planetary transits.

Poker and Texas Holdem Poker Luck still counts in games of skill! Lucky days help you in both tournaments and cash games.

Don’t believe in astrology? Please just consider the following: Most of the greatest scientists who ever lived were accomplished astrologers, from Galileo to Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler and Newton. The odds of them suffering from the same delusion runs into one in several billion. Don’t bet on it!

I honestly guarantee you that this software helps you to home-in on many of the days when luck will come your way as well as allow you to to make more effective decisions and plans for your future. This website has been running for over a decade and several million visitors later, no-one has ever disputed this. Read more…

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