Low Risk Horse Racing & Sports Betting Systems

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Low Risk Horse Racing & Sports Betting SystemsThere’s also a great review/link to show how you can also clear over £5,000 profit from the online casinos in just over 6 months using simple step by step instructions!

Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? but don’t take my word for it, read what some people who have bought my ebook (and inclusive software) have said :-

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Hi, you don’t know me (yet!), my name is Steve Ashley, and I’ve been online since 1998, and betting online since 2000. Since then I must have bought a dozen or more e-books on betting systems, and subscribed to the a similar amount of ‘so-called’ Tipsters who have promised fantastic returns from betting on horse racing, and other sports betting events.

The truth is, most of the e-books and Systems that I have bought have turned out to be unsuccessful, as they did not return their expected (or promised) results.

The trouble with most horse racing (or any other sports betting) systems, is that you usually have some unexpected results – You know the type of thing, the odds-on favourite that gets beaten by a 20/1 shot!

Let’s face it, it is very hard to consistently pick a winner from a field of let’s say 8-16 selections!

You know what it’s like – you buy a System, and within a few months have to abandon it, because the results that it has produced have meant that you’re not returning a profit!

Are you interested in having a 9/1 winner, then losing your next 10 bets? – If you answered yes, then this e-book is not for you.

So, I set about looking into building my own Systems that would produce a profit, but also ensure you could bet with as little risk as possible, building up steady, regular profits over a longer period.

As the title suggests, it’s all about low risk bets. This means that you’ll be winning most of the time. That’s a great confidence booster!

If you have bought other Systems and been disappointed with their results, you’ll know what the feeling is like when you have a run of losers – you lose confidence, and eventually give up on the System.

“Don’t Lose Your Shirt!” gives you a very high strike rate, admittedly returning smaller profits, but hey, “a win is a win!”.

I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t you much rather win small amounts on a regular basis, rather than hoping for the bigger wins on a much less regular basis!

The aim here is for long term profits, not short term gains. Over a period of time, you will produce a profit with these Systems!

The e-book goes into detail on how to get very regular wins on horse racing, soccer, tennis, and a lot of other sporting events using the increasingly popular betting exchanges.

In a recent article (14/03/2004) in the UK newspaper The Mail On Sunday, they quoted that the most popular betting exchange (Betfair) handles £50 million worth of bets every week!

This figure is expected to keep on rising, so isn’t it about… Read more…

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