Live Poker Gold – Easily Crush Live Poker Games

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Live Poker Gold - Easily Crush Live Poker GamesNow, live poker games are often loose, wild and show little relation to what you understand as ‘correct’ or ‘good’ poker strategy – they can be a frustrating experience to put it mildly.

Live Poker Gold shows you how to regularly beat these live games. First of all building an understanding of opponent types. Then focusing on the specific mistakes that different players make – and finally showing you how to adapt your own play to maximize profits again and again.

I’m so confident that this course will pay for itself the very first time that you put the easy to follow information to use that I’ll offering a no questions asked lifetime money back guarantee.

Course Feedback: That Kind Of Information Is Worth 10 Times What You Are Charging – And Some More!! Great Course.- AW, Poker Pro.

Live Poker Gold is divided into three sections, building a solid foundation of understanding casino poker, before going into more details on strategies to profit from specific players and situations – then finishing off with a practical guide to etiquette, tipping and how card rooms work.

- Which Skills Transfer From Online Poker, Which Need Adapting – And How! – A Mechanical Strategy For Hiding Your Own Tells And Emotions – Top 10 Live Poker Mistakes, And How To Profit From Them – Stealing Pots 101, Orphaned And Protected Pots And When To Steal Them – How Smart Live Poker Bet Sizing Can Increase Your Profits

This course is designed with the smaller buy-in casino games in mind. While you can crush the $2 and $5 big blind tables regularly with my strategies, this information will also give you a solid grounding for the higher buy-in games too.

One of the important aspects of this course is that you will be playing in such a way as to encourage your opponents to make mistakes. Key to this is fitting in with the crowd, appearing to be ‘just a regular player who got lucky’, you will know that you are outplaying your opponents – they will have no idea!

While the primary focus is casino cash games – Live Poker Gold works great for improving your home-game performance, and the chapters on different opponents and their mistakes translate to tournaments too!

Order Live Poker Gold Now with 100% peace of mind – If you are not completely blown away by the insights into crushing live poker games I’ll refund you, no questions asked!

Course Feedback: Loved how you built things up from the foundations first, then added all those extra ways to make bigger profits – really powerful info. MB, UK.

With online poker all but disappearing from the US, there has never been a better time to profit from the large numbers of recreational poker players heading to their nearest casino. Make sure that you are the one armed with this killer information, so that you are the player who is cashing out the chips and the end of the session – while everyone else at the table is left wondering exactly how they got so badly outplayed! Read more…

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