Kill No Limit

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Kill No LimitWarning: This is going to get ugly. You may not like what you’re going to read and you may not believe it. Heck, I probably wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t been seated at the table and watched pile after pile of chips get pushed towards me.

But it’s all true. I really did discover the secrets to beating online poker cash games and I really did make $44,495.37 in a single month playing no limit poker cash games online.

This is a screen shot from an automated hand tracker program that automatically logs every single hand I play:

See that? In June I played over 92,000 hands with a total profit of $44,495.37. If you’re worried about that $87.80 loss, don’t worry. That represents less than an hour of play.

You can also see the total number of hours I played for the whole of June. Playing 8 tables at a time, that works out to about 3 and a half hours per day. Not a bad living for 3 hours of work a day, right?

So it looks like May wasn’t a great month for me, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re used to making $45,000 a month, it looks terrible! In May I only earned $9,151.78. But you can also see that I played a total of 265 hours spread across 8 tables at a time. That works out to about 1 hour a day.

I used to have a regular day job, you know. I went to class all day, went to work at night and worked all night long for $7 an hour.

We both know that poker is much more fun than working for the man. I used to play in my spare time and although I used to lose money, I didn’t mind. Poker served as a fun distraction from the stress of work so I carried on.

Eventually, after seeing so many people have so much success with poker online and on TV, and after getting frustrated with losing, I decided to get serious about the game and see If I could start winning too.

I didn’t want to risk my money on something I’d only done as a hobby up until now. I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to win anything. After all, I hadn’t won so much. So why would I suddenly start winning in the future? I decided to only risk as much as I could afford, and then it was no big deal if it didn’t work out.

Even worse, what if I spent ages learning how to play well, spent money on books and courses, invested time seeking out and harassing experienced pros, only for it all to be a big waste of time? What if poker really is all luck and no skill? I figured that if people can play professionally, and play well consistently, then I could too.

The unthinkable – what if, even after being led by the hand and shown everything I needed to know, I still lost? I thought about this and decided that if I could learn from people who’d already had success (and could prove it), I’d be OK.

Even with all that to worry about, I figured I still at least had to give it a shot. I knew for a fact that dumber people than me were making money playing online… Read more…

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