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Kickass™ Poker SecretsProfessional Poker Player, Jonathan Little Reveals in Painstaking Detail His Closely Guarded Secrets to No Limit Texas Hold’em That Helped Him Earn $4,292,421 and Become a 2-Time World Poker Tour® Champion. He Wants to Help YOU Maximize Your Profits, Follow in His Footsteps, and Realize Your FULL Potential as a Poker Player.

In this video, I teach you the fundamentals of no limit Texas Hold’em. While I’m teaching, I play 4 simultaneous 180-person sit & gos and tell you exactly what I’m thinking whenever the action heats up. Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes

Learn how to navigate the middle and late stages of multi-table sit & gos. I’ll teach you how to pick up all the “dead” money that your opponents are practically handing to you. Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes

Watch as I take you through the final table of a 180-person sit & go. At the same time, I keep 4 games running simultaneously, so there’s never a dull moment or lack of situations to learn from. Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes

The action continues as I go from 16-handed all the way to heads up play in another 180-person sit & go. These videos do a great job of illustrating my deceptively simple style for crushing multi-table sit & gos. If you emulate my style and apply the principles in these videos, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your sit & go game. Running Time: Approx. 46 Minutes

In this video, I talk about how to combine a sound technical game with other psychological factors to form a complete game and become a real force at the table. I also teach you the basics of bankroll management—how many buy-ins you need to get started, and how to adjust your bankroll requirements as you move up in stakes. Running Time: Approx. 51 Minutes

In this video, I teach you the skills you need to dominate heads-up games. Most of the money in multi-table tournaments is in the TOP spot. Just getting in the money won’t cut it… you need to be getting your share of first place finishes if you want to significantly grow your bankroll. Master heads-up play and you’ll massively increase your earning potential as a poker player. Running Time: Approx. 38 Minutes

The secret to being a good heads-up player is aggression. Watch how I put this secret into action as I play more heads-up matches. This video really gets into the psychology of heads-up play as I break down my play and my opponent’s play. Running Time: Approx. 34 Minutes

In this video, I talk about changing gears and how to adjust your play depending on how your table is playing. The action continues with more heads-up matches and multi-table sit & gos. Running Time: Approx. 44 Minutes

In this final video, watch as I play the short stack and work my way to the final table of my last multi-table sit & go. At the final table, I keep the aggression up and show you how to play the big stack. Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes

You’ll also receive the MP3 audios for the entire training program! That’s over 6 hours of audio that you can throw on your iPod® and listen to while you’re on the go. I always explain the situation whenever I’m in an important hand, so you’ll have no trouble following the action and absorbing the lessons. Total Running Time… Read more…

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